Is There No End to the Corruption from Obama’s Band of Chicago Hucksters? Using Your Money to Buy Votes AGAIN

The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney posted a terrific piece, unmasking Obama’s latest phony “pro-business” insourcing and consolidation sideshows. As he explains, these events are simply distractions, designed to keep us from asking where the money is coming from. Surprise: the One is using the Export-Import Bank –I hope that you’re sitting down–to buy votes with our money.

Simply getting government out of the way of manufacturing would provide more economic benefit, but less political benefit. The free market might choose less-favored companies (like those that support Republicans) or put new factories in non-swing states like South Carolina (where Obama’s NLRB forced Boeing to kowtow to his union supporters). The Obama model (regulate, tax and subsidize) allows for a more strategic — that is, more political — development of manufacturing: Put new factories in right-to-work states, helping the pro-Democratic unions; support the “green industries” that Obama constantly celebrates; reward the businesses that play ball with the administration; and subsidize new plants in the states crucial to Obama’s re-election.

Is there no end to the corruption of this bunch of Chicago hucksters?

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