ISIS Sympathizers Celebrate London Knife Attack That Killed American

But wait-the authorities say the knife attack it’s not Islamist terrorism. It’s mental illness. There’s a difference?


From The Daily Mail:

 ISIS supporters have already expressed delight at the stabbing attack in London that left one American woman dead and five people injured.

In the hours after the attack ISIS linked accounts on social media were soon reporting the news of the stabbings in a tourist hotspot in the heart of the British capital.

According to Michael S. Smith II, a US based expert for the Congressional Taskforce on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, IS-linked social media channels spread the news in the early hours of this morning UK time.

The ISIS-linked group account on private social media channels linked to on Twitter published pictures on the aftermath of the attack.

The Arabic-language account, called the ‘News Publishing Service’, which has a logo incorporating a rifle said: ‘Here you have a picture of the site where the stabbing took place, Russell Square in the centre of ‘Christendom’ London.’

It was also reported that an Arabic-language account wrote that ‘It’s nice to wake up to such news’.

The authorities continue to say that this murder has nothing to do with terrorism, and knife crime has been increasing in London over the past year.


A man suspected of murdering an American woman and injuring five other people in a knife attack in central London is not believed to be motivated by terrorism, police say.

Evidence so far suggested the 19-year-old suspect – who is a Norwegian national of Somali origin – was not in “any way motivated by terrorism” and had not been radicalised, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said.

He said the incident in Russell Square on Wednesday night is likely to have been “triggered by mental health issues”.

Yet, the use of knives for terror attacks is not unprecedented. There was a wave of knife attacks by Palestinians on Israelis. An American was killed last March in one such attack. Can we ignore the fact that this attacker is of Somali origin?

What do you think, terrorism or not?


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