Islamist Maniacs Behead Canadian Hostage

No doubt stern letter from the doofus Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to follow.

(Thought experiment: which is worse, an affirmative-action assisted empty suit like B. Hussein Obama or the equivalent of a worthless legacy taking office by virtue of being part of a political dynasty?)

From the WaPo:

A severed head was left Monday on a street in the southern Philippines, authorities said, five hours after a ransom deadline set by Islamist militants holding Western hostages and others. Canada’s prime minister identified the victim as a 68-year-old Canadian.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said John Ridsdel of Calgary, Alberta, was killed in a “coldblooded murder” by the militants. Trudeau said Canada would work with the Philippine government and international partners to bring those responsible to justice.

The beheading underscored fears of widening violence by Islamist guerrillas, known as the Abu Sayyaf group, as it forges possible allegiances with the Islamic State.

It also raised fears of other execution-style killings among those held. Abu Sayyaf has taken hostages for decades — and killed captives — as part of a rebellion it has claimed to be waging on behalf of the Muslim minority in Asia’s only predominantly Roman Catholic nation. The Philippine government has denounced the Abu Sayyaf group as a terrorist organization that also operates more like a criminal gang, engaging in kidnapping for ransom, extortion and drug trafficking, among other crimes.

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  1. Yes, Joshua, that’s right, and as I note in the post, the election of some pretty boy hereditary princeling is bound to be a disaster!

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