Issa Shines Light on Cockroach Left

UPDATE: Darla’s comment inspired me to add this video. Thanks, Darla! And no, my liberal friends, I am NOT advocating that anyone be killed like the animated cockroaches in this ad, although I would consider it a service to humanity if all leftwing philosophies could be permanently eradicated from the face of the Earth.

To Congressman Darryl Issa, I say “finally, someone with the cajones to stand up to the lawlessness of the Obama administration.” The reason that Issa will not quit is that he and Sen. Grassley want to know why Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t tell the truth in the February 4, 2011 letter, in which he denied the existence of Operation Fast and Furious. It took ten months for the Department of Justice to admit that that statement wasn’t true, but that admission didn’t end Eric Holder’s stonewalling.

The Obama administration is trying to sweep this scandal under the rug, wailing about a “political witch hunt.” No, my liberal friends. The ridiculous Scooter Libby prosecution was a witch hunt. In this case, Border Agent Brian Terry, a brave, patriotic man died defending this country, and he was killed with weapons effectively provided to his murderers by our own government.

Why did Eric Holder lie? What did he know and when did he know it? How high up did this scandal go? These are the questions that must be answered.

This flimsy claim of executive privilege raises other questions; specifically, why would Barack Obama insinuate himself into the middle of this case? Is he suggesting that he, or his high level political operatives, were involved in the discussions about how to respond to Congressional inquiries regarding this ideologically-motivated and ultimately deadly scheme? Based on my experience with the Left, I believe that is very likely what is going on, notwithstanding those phony, planted stories about how horrified David Axelrod was at even the suggestion that he would interfere with operations at the DOJ. I couldn’t help but recall what happened back in 2003, when it came to light that Dick Durbin, Ted Kennedy and other liberals in the Senate had conspired with leftist interest groups to filibuster President Bush’s judicical nominees, including the stunningly over achieving Miguel Estrada because “he is Latino?” This sort of behavior is how the Left operates. They are like cockroaches, who scurry when the light is turned on. Darryl Issa is trying to flip that switch, and  all of them, from Obama and Holder on down, are terrified about what the light of truth will reveal.


  1. Michael Steele was on Roe and Roeper yesterday (Though it was Roe and Dahl- I didn’t think they could get a Roe Conn sidekick more leftist than Roeper, but I was wrong) and Steele said that he suspected this whole ordeal was a ruse to distract from the Economy. While I’m no huge fan of Steele, I think what he says has this grain of truth: Once the election is over, let’s fight this battle. Meanwhile, stop rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic and beat this president on his miserable economy.

    There will be plenty of time to oil up the gallows after November.

    • Og, aren’t you afraid that if you listen to those lame terrestrial shows you’ll lose some of your many IQ points? Listen at your own risk! 🙂 I disagree with Steele. We have got to stand up against this gangsta administration. Obama is going to be beaten like a drum in less than 5 months, and that’s whether or not we defend the rule of law. Steele is a squishy moderate. He seems like a nice guy, but I rarely agree with him, and I see him A LOT because he’s one of the designated “conservatives” on the 24/7 nuthouse aka MS-NBC. He’s sort of the black male Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
      No, we can walk and chew gum at the same time, and we must.

      • Oh, I have no problem exterminatin cockroaches, but focusing on this instead of defeating obama is a certain recipe for ruin. here are the priorities:
        1: Defeat obama:
        2: chase all the roaches you want.
        When you walk into the house and find yourself standing in ten inches of water, do you get the mop and scramble to start mopping up?

        me, I fix the spraying broken water line first.

        I started listening to YOU on terrestrial radio. Not all of it is that bad.

        Also, If my brain could be damaged by listening to assholes, I’d have been a democrat ages ago.

        • Hi Og,
          I love that you are checking in here and commenting. I guess where I disagree with Michael Steele is that I don’t think standing up against the lawlessness of this administration conflicts with what I agree is the Job 1: getting rid of Obama.
          Re terrestrial radio: now that there is so much great content on demand, it’s gotten worse and worse because there are fewer and fewer people who don’t choose to listen to what we want, where we want, when we want. With rare exceptions, and of course there are some, It’s the audio equivalent of meals served in jail. Whatever someone else decides you’re going to consume, that’s it: 8 minute commercial breaks, lame segments about celebutards, the tired formula of 2 wacky guys trying to out clever each other-ridiculous!
          Having said all that, as you well know, I think everyone should listen or watch whatever they like.
          You’re right about the brain damage. I’m in the same boat because I watch so you guys don’t have to. I was just funning with you when I said that.

          • You’ll notice that I didn’t say that I agreed with Steele- you do have to respond to what I write, and not to what you think I mean- but merely pointed out that what he said had a grain of truth, and that is that the Obama administration will be enjoying it’s second term because they have managed to use the F&F as a tool to distract people from the first priority- defeating obama. YOU may be capable of thinking of two things at once, as am I, but the undeniable fact is, the American public are composed predominantly of squishy fools. Now, granted, I’m quite a ways to the right of you, and possibly to the right of Attilla the Hun, so my cynicism may be unwarranted.

            Actually, no, it’s probably not. Unless we get the media focus off this and onto “it’s the Economy, stupid” where it belongs, we will be enjoying an Obama second term, and we will deserve it. There is plenty of time afterwards to do other things. We need to do this now.

            As for standing up against the lawlessness of this administration, I have no issue with that. And in it’s season, it will certainly be the right thing to do. Once obama is re-elected, it will be impossible. Once he’s defeated, it will not only be possible, but much…


            more enjoyable.

  2. Conservatives: Don’t listen to Michael Steele (Mr. Bi-Partisan), the looney left (led by Pitiful Pelosi) or the “moderate” Republicans. Hold the light on the roaches and, when they retreat to the shadows, spray them with DDT!

    • Hey Darla,
      Your comment inspired the update to this post, so I hope you like it. As you see in my reply to the comment from Og, who I love BTW, I don’t agree with him. I agree with you. The Left uses this whole “play nice and don’t mention all the evil things we’re doing because some voters will think that you’re being mean” routine to silence anyone who tells the truth. Nuts to that!

  3. PERFECTO! I easily recognized the Chicago Mobsters at the forefront, their cohorts were all hiding in the wings.

  4. BTW, Katie Pavlich, author of Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Coverup, will be our guest on Sunday’s show.
    Don’t miss it!

  5. Katie Pavlich is a wonderful, articulate, credible addition to your show. (She has a lot in common with you, Teri! I look forward to listening to the two of you.

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