Issa Shines Light on Cockroach Left

UPDATE: Darla’s comment inspired me to add this video. Thanks, Darla! And no, my liberal friends, I am NOT advocating that anyone be killed like the animated cockroaches in this ad, although I would consider it a service to humanity if all leftwing philosophies could be permanently eradicated from the face of the Earth.

To Congressman Darryl Issa, I say “finally, someone with the cajones to stand up to the lawlessness of the Obama administration.” The reason that Issa will not quit is that he and Sen. Grassley want to know why Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t tell the truth in the February 4, 2011 letter, in which he denied the existence of Operation Fast and Furious. It took ten months for the Department of Justice to admit that that statement wasn’t true, but that admission didn’t end Eric Holder’s stonewalling.

The Obama administration is trying to sweep this scandal under the rug, wailing about a “political witch hunt.” No, my liberal friends. The ridiculous Scooter Libby prosecution was a witch hunt. In this case, Border Agent Brian Terry, a brave, patriotic man died defending this country, and he was killed with weapons effectively provided to his murderers by our own government.

Why did Eric Holder lie? What did he know and when did he know it? How high up did this scandal go? These are the questions that must be answered.

This flimsy claim of executive privilege raises other questions; specifically, why would Barack Obama insinuate himself into the middle of this case? Is he suggesting that he, or his high level political operatives, were involved in the discussions about how to respond to Congressional inquiries regarding this ideologically-motivated and ultimately deadly scheme? Based on my experience with the Left, I believe that is very likely what is going on, notwithstanding those phony, planted stories about how horrified David Axelrod was at even the suggestion that he would interfere with operations at the DOJ. I couldn’t help but recall what happened back in 2003, when it came to light that Dick Durbin, Ted Kennedy and other liberals in the Senate had conspired with leftist interest groups to filibuster President Bush’s judicical nominees, including the stunningly over achieving Miguel Estrada because “he is Latino?” This sort of behavior is how the Left operates. They are like cockroaches, who scurry when the light is turned on. Darryl Issa is trying to flip that switch, and  all of them, from Obama and Holder on down, are terrified about what the light of truth will reveal.

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