It’s Good to Be the Queen: Behold Another of Moochelle’s Many Perqs

As previously noted, Barack and Michelle and friends live in luxury, at a level unheard of in human history, largely on the taxpayers’ dime. Over and above the designer wardrobe, the full-time makeup artists and personal trainer, and the marvelous vacations, there are other perqs, like the ability to see popular television shows before the little people.

You know, reparations have to start somewhere. Why not with Barack and me? You know, we deserve it, you know.

From the WaPo:

We’ve learned so much about how the First Family loves watching “Modern Family” (TV Guide) and Malia and Sasha are not allowed to watch television on school nights (Washington Post), etc. that we were a bit surprised when the First Lady’s office declined to comment on areport they’d pulled some strings to get the third season of “Downton Abbey” before its Jan. 6 launch on PBS in the United States.

Her Royal Wideness will not be denied!



  1. Absolutely they do, Garnet. Correct me if I’m wrong, but i don’t think that Mrs. Bush never cost the taxpayers millions on lavish vacations all over the planet. I’m sure that if she did, our friends in the LSM would have made sure that we knew about it. Neither did Mrs. Clinton. But I realize that, you know, Mooch believes, you know, that reparations have to start somewhere, you know, so why not with her, Barack, her mom, her kids, Valerie and the rest of their posse?

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