It’s Me, Associate Producer Dana, Here to Say “Stupid PETA! I So Hate Them!”

My mommy told me about this story about PETA killing dogs,Dana copy and I was so upset that I didn’t even want a MilkBone. Well, almost. Anyway, I used to think PETA cared about us animals. Then I grew up. Sort of like my daddy, who actually voted for some really stupid, incompetent guy named Jimmy Carter, who I think was pretending to be president of the United States or something  back in the olden days. My mommy makes fun of my daddy for that vote, and he knows he deserves it, so he laughs when she does it. I can’t laugh, though, about what PETA has been up to while pretending to care about us.

My brother and I are both former shelter dogs  I thank God that we didn’t end up in the “compassionate” hands of PETA! Yikes, the only thing worse would have been to end up on Barry Soetoro’s dinner plate!

My mommy has a fur coat, by the way, which in PETA’s eyes makes her an evil, uncaring human, demonstrating once again, that liberals are stupid hypocrites.

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