It’s Simple. It’s Obvious. So Why Are So Many Americans Being Bamboozled About “Universal Background Checks?” Are You One of Them?

The Obama administration’s latest effort to exploit the murder of 20 first-graders in December, and to create a wedge issue that will appeal to “The View” and “Ellen” audience, as in suburban women who are unfamiliar with, and therefore terrified of firearms,  in the 2014 elections, appears to be focused on the “infinitely reasonable” idea of requiring “universal background checks” for gun purchases. Who could be against that? I submit that any freedom-loving American who appreciates the genius of our Founding Fathers not only could be, but should be, opposed to this idea.

Think about it. How is it possible to enforce “universal background checks” without gun registration? It’s not possible, and that is blatantly obvious. Historically, gun registration has been a prelude to gun confiscation, which is what Obama and his merry band of Marxists have wanted for decades. If that fact doesn’t persuade you, then the fact that Barack Obama, who has despised the 2nd Amendment and worked to destroy it during his entire adult life, is telling us how “reasonable” universal background checks are should. Still not convinced? How about this evidence? The Obama (In)justice Department has admitted it. Check out this excellent video from the NRA.

Connect the dots, People, or lose your country and your freedom.


  1. The lies now being told by Obama and his drones about his gun control schemes are no different than the lies that were told to massage the passage of his health care scheme. It’s becoming easy to predict exactly what will happen if he gets his way, everything he claims he is not trying to do or won’t happen is exactly what will happen.

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