Jay Leno Hosts Barack Obama Infomercial

You are probably tired of hearing me say that being well-informed today is like being the only adult in a room full of three-year-olds, but I am compelled to say it again this morning, having watched the Celebutard-in-Chief’s performance last night on “The Tonight Show.” This slobberfest, featuring Jay Leno as the infomercial interviewer, asking the planted questions was designed to allow the One to continue to deceive the low-information audience that he has conned so effectively for nearly 10 years. Despite what the East Coast brain rot afflicted herd of allegedly knowledgeable “journalists” and “analysts” tell you about why Barack Obama was re-elected, they are either lying or clueless, probably both. They can recite their conventional wisdom about the “Hispanic vote” or whatever other myth they want to manufacture in Stalinist lockstep from now until hell freezes over. The reality is that the Obama campaign used “Big Data” to reach out the lo-fos in critical states like Ohio by advertising on shows like “Judge Judy” and other daytime programs. Last night’s appearance was another example of that sort of outreach. I hope that Mr. Leno’s informercial host act has disabused those who in the last couple of weeks have been celebrating that he has been telling jokes about Obama during his monologue. He is as in the tank as ever, as are the rest of the late night hosts.

It has been nearly a month since Barack Obama promised to have a press conference, July 19 to be exact. We’re still waiting. In the meantime, we get ridiculous Kabuki performances like this routine last night.

Jay started out by wishing Barack a happy birthday, and asking him how he spent it, which gave Barry a chance to say that he celebrated by having some friends that he hadn’t seen for a while, from high school and college over. Seriously? Who are these people? Was the composite girlfriend there? How about the “Choom Gang?” How about the “Marxist professors?

He proceeded to ask him the set up question about the closing of our embassies due to concerns about a terrorist attack. When the conversation turned to this subject, it might have been a good opportunity to ask him about what he was really doing on his birthday last Sunday; specifically, playing golf at Camp David while he left Susan “YouTube” Rice in charge of what was supposedly an extremely serious national security threat. Not to worry, though. He assured Jay that national security is the “first thing” he thinks about in the morning and the “last thing” he thinks about at night. Funny. He has told us before, more than once, that making sure Americans have jobs is the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up, and the last thing he thinks about at night. I guess that’s part of that whole “Barack’s brain is much different from a regular human’s” thing that we’ve all heard so much about.  He can hold two thoughts in his head, and they can both be first! Jay might have asked Barack, as I’m sure he calls him, the questions I have, and I suspect you do as well; specifically, where was he during the Benghazi attack? Why did he, Hillary Clinton and most of his administration lie to the American public for weeks about what caused the attack?

One of the most risible parts of the interview is when Jay lamented the fact that repairing our crumbling infrastructure has become politicized. Let me paraphrase a handwringing Jay: “Why is that a Republican or Democratic issue? Just fix the bridge!” Good idea, Jay. That’s what the $800 billion dollars of the February 2009 “stimulus” was supposed to be for, wasn’t it? Too bad it got funneled into the pockets of public employee union members. Talk about politicizing government spending. Jay also suggested that we start up another WPA-style program. I guess he hasn’t read Amity Shales’ The Forgotten Man, or any of the other books that describe what a dismal failure those programs were at fixing the economy  and pulling America out of the Great Depression.

At the end of the interview, Jay gave Barack a chance to make a pitch for his health care exchanges. As you well, know the Regime is spending millions on advertising and PR to hook people into these government health care exchanges, knowing that once the government gets its hooks into those who are looking for free stuff, it will be very difficult to repeal this turkey.

He also gave him the chance to mouth some drivel about Trayvon Martin. We learned again that African-American boys are disproportionately involved in crime because of “poverty,” “not that that’s an excuse,” but that “system should work for everyone.” In other words, he spewed more meaningless drivel that sounds reasonable only if you turn off your brain. Or if you don’t have two brain cells to rub together to generate a logical thought, which was true of many of the people who voted for this clown and most of last night’s studio audience.



  1. Wrong. I wish we had a real president, not a thin-skinned, narcissistic empty suit with a history of drug use and leftist radicalism squatting in the Oval Office.

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