Note to Jeb Bush and John Kasich: We Don’t Need a Whine Fest

One thing we’ve learned in the last week: When RINO’s like Jeb Bush and John Kasich implode, it ain’t pretty.

Does this guy really looks like he has “cool” stuff he could be doing? Seriously?

What’s a RINO’s favorite w(h)ine? Whaa whaa. It’s my turn!! I’m entitled!!

First we had last week’s cringe-inducing spectacle of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Jeb “Love Machine” Bush, whining that if he can’t “get things done” (read: surrender to liberals), he has “cooler” things to do than run for president. He is sick of “gridlock,” which is another word for a few remaining pockets of resistance to Obama’s “remaking” our country into a Euro-style socialist hellhole.

Now, here comes another repellant, narcissistic RINO, Ohio governor John “Let in those refugees even if we don’t who they are” Kasich. He’s “had it with these people,” as in the people who want to enforce our immigration laws and who don’t like his irresponsible Medicaid expansion.

From the Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times:

Gov. John Kasich of Ohio shed his nice-guy image on Tuesday, lamenting the decline of the conservative movement and accusing his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination of peddling “crazy” ideas.

At a rally in Ohio, Mr. Kasich, a popular governor known for his moderate views, unloaded on his opponents.

“Let me tell you something,” Mr. Kasich said, his anger boiling over. “I’ve about had it with these people.”

Mr. Kasich went on to argue that Republicans who proposed abolishing Medicaid and Medicare, imposing a 10 percent flat tax, or deporting millions of people were out of touch with reality. Without mentioning anyone by name, Mr. Kasich appeared to be taking aim at Ben Carson and Donald J. Trump, the outsider candidates who have been dominating national and state polls for months.

“We’re gonna pick them up and we’re gonna take them to the border and scream at them to get out of our country,” he said, referring to Mr. Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border and remove immigrants who entered the United States illegally. “Well that’s just crazy.”

And get this. He further whined: “what happened to the conservative movement?”

Answer: the conservatives grabbed the reins, and the RINO’s heads are exploding, which is fun to watch.

Remember the good advice I gave you, Jeb, in this video? You should take it, and take the mailman’s son with you.

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