Jimmy Kimmel Piles on Jeb

Jeb, do you finally get the message that I gave you months ago in this video? Time to drop out now.

Donald Trump is not afraid of you, as you told Wolf Blitzer yesterday. It was cringe-inducing to watch you lecture us on what it means to be a conservative. It was like getting advice on monogamy from Bill Clinton, heaven’s sake.

Even these little girls get it. Come to think of it, you sort of seem like a little girl, too. Please stop the embarrassment that is your pathetic campaign while you have a shred of dignity left!



  1. Jeb, the end of a dynasty. Nope, just the end. Over and out….of the race, pretty please!

    • We’ll have to see who drops out after Iowa.That will show whether or not their splitter strategy is still viable. Remember, the GOP elite gets 15% of the delegates, at least.
      For Republicans, it’s a much simpler matter of giving supporters of each candidate a chance to give a brief speech, then privately marking ballots. The ballots are counted, then communicated by a local caucusorganizer to the state party via a new smartphone app, developed for both parties. Even though it’s a vote, it’s not binding for Republicans, who determine delegates at county and district conventions later in the year.”
      The delegates for those that drop out will go to ¡Yeb!, either directly from the candidate, or via the establishment. Therefore, Trump needs about 65% to put this thing away. Less gives the establishment a chance to stuff the delegate box with ¡Yeb! delegates. Eventually, all other candidates will have their delegates thrown behind ¡Yeb! if they can get away with it.

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