Jimmy Stewart – I’ll Always Love A Dog Named Beau

And we’ll always love a dog named Sparky.

I cannot thank all of you enough for the outpouring of expressions of sympathy for us after our dog Sparky passed yesterday at the age of 15. (Yes, he was the “canine associate producer” I often referred to on The Teri O’Brien Show.)

One of my dear ones, that I haven’t seen in a while, but will never forget, sent me this video. (Thanks, RC) Yes, of course, it made me tear up, but I appreciated it very much. I hope you do, too.

If you are going through the loss of a pet, here are some sites that might help:

Grieving & Pet Loss – Coping With Death Of A Loved Dog Or Cat

Pet Loss Grief Support Community Resources at Rainbow Bridge

Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss

RIP, Little Man.


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