“Jobless Claims Are Back Up. Where Are the Jobs?”

Brutus has been asking this question since 2009, but democrats, shielded by their accomplices in the Lame Steam Media, have been able to duck the question everyone is asking… “Jobless Claims Are Back Up. Where Are the Jobs?”
First-time jobless claims hit 354,000 last week.

The figure had been dropping early in May. The media had started running articles on happy days are here again.  Like Ginger Rogers in “Gold Diggers of 1933” (see above), their song was premature. So while the Obamas and their democrat cohorts may be “in the money,” living large as they have ever since they set foot in the White House, the rest of us are left in dire financial straits.  So what is the Obama Administration’s answer?  “Print more money!,” as if that is the solution to the real problem.

Here’s more bad news. More people were collecting jobless benefit, up by 69,000. The total is just under 3 million.  Please note that “This does not count workers receiving extended benefits from various federal programs.”  (emphasis mine)

This was not supposed to happen, but it did.

Explanation? There has to be an explanation, other than the lackluster Keynesian economy. I can almost hear the news editor at Bloomberg telling some hapless reporter: “Go find an explanation, and the reporter did just that.  (Gasp… A Random Act of Journalism!)

Government offices were closed on May 27 for the Memorial Day holiday, which shortened the amount of time they had to process applications.

“Perfect,” said the editor. So, he sent an email to the headline writer and gave him the headline. Jobless Claims in U.S. Climb as Holiday Hampers Count.

Mission accomplished.

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  1. A quick check at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Website confirms this too. While the Obama Amin. was crowing about their purported (one tenth of one percent) drop in unemployment, the U-6 (long term unemployment) went up. Obviously something didn’t jive.

  2. I may also add, under the 2009 TARP 1 Federal Legislation (which was supposed to avert Financial “Armagheddon”), the Secretary of the Tresury has the authority to purchase “FOREIGN DEBT,” without Congressional approval. Clearly an abrogation of their “Constitutionally mandated” Congressional Duties! As I’ve said many times, Boehner has no “stones.” It’s time for new leadership in Congress.

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