Joe Biden’s Rape Fantasy

Vice President Joe Biden’s latest unintentional standup comedy routine, this time featuring a hypothetical rape scenario brought on by our failure to throw more money down the democrats’ income redistribution rathole, and who doesn’t think that’s a laugh riot, after all, shines a bright light on what has been increasingly obvious over the last several years. No, not the fact that the former plagiarist/frequent shoe chewing politician needs to talk to his doctor about upping the doses of whichever psyche meds we can only hope that he’s on, although there is that. What is on prominent display, once again, is this administration’s disconnection from reality.

Like many delusional types, apparently Biden doesn’t realize how bizarre his comments sound to those of us who, unlike most Obama supporters, have the ability to reason our way out of a paper bag. Consider that we have an administration that is overtly hostile to our 2nd amendment rights, so much so that they are now mired in the web of deceit they constructed to cover up Fast and Furious. Now liberals, who incessantly bleat about the right wing’s use of the “politics of fear,” are invoking scenarios in which the people they strive to disarm will be victims of violent crimes, unless those same taxpaying people give them more of their money. I guess you can give them credit for creative, albeit, dopey, and nonsensical new theories of extortion. Let me speak slowly. You see, Joe, for extortion to actually create fear in the potential victims, the threat must actually make sense. Which is a greater threat, being disarmed by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Dick Durbin and the rest of this passel of gun grabbing megalomaniacs or the inability of states to avoid the consequences of profligate spending by keeping union bureaucrats, not cops on the street, on the job? Perhaps we should ask the crime victim in this story:

Accused Rapist Shot, Killed by Victim

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. – No charges will be filed against the Cape Girardeau woman who shot and killed a registered sex offender trying to break back into her home.

Ronnie Preyer, 47, of Jackson died seven hours after being shot in the chest.

Cape Girardeau County prosecuting attorney Morley Swingle tells Heartland News that Preyer is the same man who raped the 57-year-old woman on Saturday, October 25th.

Swingle says she shot Preyer as he broke through her basement door into her kitchen around 2:15 Halloween morning.

Swingle says he will not charge the woman with any crime.

Cape County Coroner John Clifton says he agrees with Mr. Swingle and plans to rule Preyer’s death a justifiable homicide.

Or the woman described in this story, who shot a would-be rapist.

The jury is in. Criminals don’t obey the liberals’ inane, anti-freedom gun laws. Why? MMM …let’s see … could it be because THEY ARE CRIMINALS? These laws make the law-abiding less safe. For their proponents to raise the specter of increased crime is like Kei$ha lamenting the coarsening of the culture.

If Joe Biden is concerned about women potentially being rape victims, the answer is not raising taxes on hard-working citizens so that he and Barry can shovel more loot into the coffers of their public employee union cronies, a scenario in which the only ones getting raped are the taxpayers.


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