VIDEO: John Kerry Says “We Have Plenty of Ways to Vet People, and We Do”

John Kerry, criticizing Donald Trump, says we know who is coming into the country “for the most part.”

As I told you on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, delusional John “Lurch” Kerry said on Meet the Press yesterday that our screening process for deciding who to let in the country is just fine. Watch him say that we know who is coming in the country “for the most part.”

Since it was his State Department that let Tashfeen Malik enter the country, he has a lot of gall saying this, doesn’t he? She made no secret of her desire to do precisely what she and her husband did in San Bernardino, California.

Once again, John Kerry is a pathetic disgrace and part of the 5th column helping to destroy this country.

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