Just Shut Up (AGAIN) File: Sen. McCain Says AZ Should Re-Visit Its Stand Your Ground Law

Sen. John “Often Wrong, Never in Doubt” McCain (R-Amnesty) says Arizona should think of changing its “Stand Your Ground” law. Let me quote my Twitter pal VaTxn:



  1. Stand your ground and Castle doctrine laws arose because law abiding citizens grew tired of watching their fellow citizens being victimized twice. Once when they were attacked by a criminal, either in their own home or some other location that they had a legitimate reason to be and twice when they were run through the ringer of the criminal justice system for having the audacity to defend themselves without begging the authorities for assistance. The fact that the authorities were not capable of responding to requests for help by citizens under attack by criminals in time to prevent death or serious bodily harm was not considered relevant by those same authorities when it came to prosecuting the law-abiding for self-defense. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. The citizenry has grown tired of the criminal element running roughshod over them and tired of being treated like criminals for defending themselves.

    • You are absolutely right. These laws were a common sense response to the garbage that used to happen. Long live Stand Your Ground!

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