Kaepernick Kaper: Perfect Storm of PC Idiocy

I have largely refrained from commenting on the recent discovery by deep thinker, San Francisco 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick, of Amerika’s deep racism, which according to him, allows police officers to murder black people without consequence, and of which, he too, is a victim. The reality is that this poor imbecile is a victim of leftist’s lies, the largest of which the so-called “Black Lives Matter” fraud. “Black Lies Matter” is more accurate.

Last night, he made good on his “threat” (in quotes because like anyone almost cares what this moron does or what chemical processes inside his pea brain pass for actual thinking really matters to anyone) to sit down during the singing of the National Anthem  at last night’s preseason game against the San Diego Chargers. It just happened to be San Diego’s annual “Salute to the Military” day.

Now at least one other brainiac, Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback Jeremy Lane, decide to follow Kaepernick’s lead, demonstrating how easy it is to get people to jump on a bandwagon, particularly the intellectually-stunted, ignorant and emotionally-driven.


So, once and for all, let’s dispense with this foolishness.

Every single commentator asked about this guy’s sit down stunt says “He has a right to do that. He’s exercising his right of freedom of speech and expression.” Duh. Once and for all, no one needs to ever say that again. It’s moronic. No one with more than a single digit IQ doesn’t understand this this pinhead, and any others who want to join his “movement,” have the “right” to make horses’ hind ends of themselves.

The so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement is a complete fraud, based on a fairy tale promoted to silly, uninformed people by cynical operatives funded by the heinous, Nazi-collaborator George Soros. Never let a “crisis” go to waste. Michael Brown, killed in Ferguson Missouri, in August, 2014, was NOT an innocent victim of police brutality. He never had his hands up as he begged a racist cop “don’t shoot.” Sorry, Children. That never happened. He was a thug, who had just robbed a convenience market, then tried to grab the officer’s gun during a struggle. The officer was exonerated by a grand jury, and many of the witnesses were African-American. Facts are stubborn things, aren’t they? Not that the Left feels the slightest bit constrained by facts. “The Big Lie” is alive and well, and the useful idiots like Mr. Kaepernick are eager consumers of the “Black Lives Matter” lie. Mr. Kaepernick, you, and anyone else who embraces the “Black Lives Matter” movement is an ignorant person who is being used.

Note to the NFL: This anti-police, anti-American crap is very bad for business. Most of your customers are patriotic Americans, who love the game for its demonstration of athletic excellence, the thrill of competition, and the ability to invest their emotions in something where nothing really significant is at stake. Unless you bet the mortgage or rent money, you can root for your team and its heroes on Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday night) without any serious consequences if they don’t win. (If you did bet the cash you need to keep a roof over your head, you need to get some help.) Now, thanks to the Left, your game is politicized. The Left is the destructive cancer in society that has always said “the personal is political.” No, we don’t want everything to be political! And, if your customers did want to have to take sides politically when they watch a football game, they wouldn’t be on the side of Kaepernick. You wouldn’t allow the Dallas Cowboys to wear a helmet decal to honor murdered police officers, but you allow this goofball to wear police as pigs socks to training camp? Really? I think it’s time to grab the reins.

No, the National Anthem DOES NOT contain a celebration of slavery, as some in the corrupt media are saying. Once again, they are ignorant, lazy and politically-motivated. If you believe the BS they tell you, you will be as ignorant as they are.

Opening Day of the NFL Season is 9/11/16. Will it matter to you if players choose to refuse to stand during the National Anthem on that day, or should we just ignore what is clearly a childish tantrum at best, or at worst, a pre-emptive strike by a player who is at risk of being cut, and enjoy the game?


  1. amen, brother

  2. That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

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