Keep Working, Peasants. Obama’s Apparatchiks Need Your Money to Live Large.

Remember when Obama started his pointless, and unsuccessful, demagoguery campaign to terrify and shame us into sending him more of our money to spend? As you well know, when his lips are moving, the One is lying, and this cringe-inducing attempt to get his way is no exception. I refer to his March 1 claim that janitors and security guards were going to get a pay cut if the minuscule reductions in the rate of growth imposed by the sequester went into effect. Four Pinnochios, says the WaPo’s Fact Checker. Nice try, Jackass.

I’m glad that the janitors aren’t going to have their pay reduced. That’s the good news. The bad news is that neither are dozens of White House staffers, but perhaps that’s because they are doing such important work. From Fox News:

In the field of energy and climate change alone, President Obama in 2012 employed three advisers making at least $100,000 — though one has since left.

The president kept on staff a “deputy assistant” for energy and climate change, Heather Zichal, making $140,000; a “special assistant” for energy and environment, Nathaniel Keohane; and a “deputy director” for energy and climate change, Dan Utech.

Together, their salaries totaled over $370,000 last year, according to White House records.

Climate blogger Steven Goddard said it’s unlikely the administration will scale back its circle of advisers, at least on this issue.

“It’s a very important point to his political base,” Goddard said. “Whether he believes it or not himself, he has to make the effort to appear that he’s working on controlling the climate.”

Oh well, it’s well worth nearly $400,000 a year to pay these apparatchiks if that appeases Obama’s wacko leftwing base. “Climate change” advisors? Do we have any “Unicorn” advisers or “Easter Bunny” advisers on the federal payroll making more than $100,000? That makes as much sense.

A review of the 2012 salaries by shows 139 White House staffers making $100,000 or more.

I wonder if that includes Bo’s chief of staff.

It’s hard to change Washington from within, right, Barry?


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