Kennedy Klan’s “YUGE” 4th of July Party Features Trump Piñata

Now here’s some folks who know how to party, as we well know! Clearly a good time was had by all who thoroughly enjoyed their Trump piñata, including the many celebs who liked it on Instagram.


No word on whether there were any nude swimming parties, taking liberties with teenage girls or drunken drives off nearby bridges.

I meant to post this one yesterday, but the press of news (and enjoying a little Independence Day fun with the Husband interfered)

From The Daily Mail:

The Kennedy clan gathered at their Hyannis Port compound on Cape Cod over the weekend for their annual Fourth of July festivities, and took some time to attack Donald Trump.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s daughter Kathleen, between known as Kick, posted a photos of a pinata of The Donald from a family party over the weekend.

‘It’s yuge party!,’ wrote Kick in the caption of the Instagram post, which also showed some of her family members milling about in the background.

She later deleted the Instagram post just before 11am on Monday.

The post was liked by a number of Kick’s famous friends including Glenn Close, Hardball host Chris Matthews’ son Thomas, model turned E! reality star Jessica Joffe, singer Santigold and publishing heiress Anne Hearst, who commented on the photo: ‘Is that a piñata ? Very funny.’

Too funny, huh? Thought experiment: Imagine if the Trump family had a Hillary piñata at their Independence Day party? Please comment below.


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