Something to Think About During Summer Travel Season: Airlines Set Record Baggage Fees

Bend over, Air Traveler, and get ready to help contribute to record baggage fees.

If you’re unlike me,  as in you don’t structure your life so that you almost never go more than 15 miles from your house,  you might be interested to know just how much airlines are collecting in baggage and ticket change fees. It’s approximately $500,000 a month.

From the Toronto Sun: 

U.S. airlines continue to collect record fees from passengers who check suitcases or make changes to their reservations. In the first three months of this year, airlines took in $1.6 billion in such fees, up 7.4% from the same period last year.

I think the airlines have conditioned us to accept that air travel is going to be a miserable experience, just a half notch about a ride on a crowded Third World bus. Do you agree? Have you experienced issues trying to carry your bag on a plane?

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  1. Teri… Travel thought – I love to fly, hate (HATE!!) flying commercially these days and will do whatever it takes to avoid it. The Mrs & I are taking a vacation later this year to Great Britain. Will travel by train (I’ll wave as we pass through Chiraq) then ship to get to England and back again. NO baggage fees… NO limit on baggage size, or size of toiletry bottles. No groping by “Security Agents”… Oh, and not surrounded by potentially infectious disease carriers for hours as I am strapped in my 17.2″ wide seat with 30″ of space to the seat ahead of me (tough for a guy with 34” legs!!) There truly are advantages to totally avoiding commercial air travel.

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