How’s That “Great Society” Working Out? Reparations Anyone? The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday, 8–17-14

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Just wondering …who kills more young black men, white police officers or other young black men? Do “civil rights leaders” from black-on-black shooting gallery Chicago, like Jesse Jackson, who has insinuated himself into the mess in Ferguson, MO, have any credibility there?

Recently, on The Teri O’Brien Show, we joined the rest of the country in celebrating Barack Obama’s arrival on the national scene, what has become known as “The Speech,” his 2004 Democrat convention performance, and what a performance it was, a declaration that there are no divisions among Americans, and a rejection of attempts by “cynics” to divide us into warring groups based on race, religion or any other external, and irrelevant, difference. What a difference 10 years makes. Now, as we endure Trayvon Martin 2.0 with the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, MO, it’s worth noting that it has been 50 years since LBJ launched his “Great Society,” featuring its “War on Poverty,” an earlier and equally naïve initiative that its proponents said would end poverty, racism and usher in an era of rainbows, unicorns and endless candy and/or bacon on demand. How did it work out? Black incarceration rates are higher today than in 1960. Can anyone seriously suggest that there is more racism today than there was in 1960? So what’s the explanation? We’ll unpack that.

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