KGB Grownup Rescues Man-child “Commander in Chief”

Is Barack Obama the luckiest fool on earth or what? He sticks his foot into his mouth, and paints himself into a corner with his “red line” gaffe. Last week, he makes a statement derided by both his supporters and detractors, as bizarre and borderline delusional, attempting to absolve himself of responsibility for it by denying that it was his red line. Now, in response to a question at a news conference, his Sec. of State, John “Lurch” Kerry, who not only served in Viet Nam, but enabled the enemy with his endorsement of phony atrocity claims, gives Russia an opening.

So who rides to Obama’s rescue, but not America’s. but Vladimir Putin. Of course, the Obama administration will claim that but for the brilliant, decisive action of our Commander-in-Chief, Assad and the Russians would never have tried to come to a negotiated settlement of this “crisis.” Obama is now claiming that even though we never heard anything about the proposal that Assad surrender its chemical weapon stockpile to international control before today, he and Putin discussed it last week. Seriously? That doesn’t past the laugh test.

Putin realized that he could take charge. He has sized up Obama for years, and he knows how in over his head he is. Now Russia looks like the grown up in the room.

Obama gets to save face, albeit at the price of putting him in Putin’s debt, and giving Assad more time to crush his opponents in the civil war. If we are beholden to the Russians, how does that serve America’s interests? It doesn’t. We are weaker. We are the loser. We are the country that needed rescuing from the consequences of our Dear Reader’s ineptness.

“Assad must go?” More Obama trash talking. They gave up on that a long time ago.

Does anyone really think that this chemical weapons lock box idea could actually deprive Assad of weapons? How many years do you think that would take?

Tonight on Fox News Channel Barack Obama told Chris Wallace that he envisions the pursuit of a Congressional authorization of force for his “unbelievably small” limited strike on Syria taking several weeks, which puts it after the beginning of the Obamacare “marketplaces,” which are already a disaster, and the debt ceiling debate.

Was this Syria “crisis” an attempt to distract from the “phony” scandals (IRS, NSA, Benghazi)? Perhaps that was part of it. I still believe that it was largely designed to engineer a repeat of the 2006 elections, allowing the democrats to take the House in 2014. Now there probably won’t be any vote, and I suppose everyone will play along with the notion that the “crisis” was averted.

Do I still have to watch Obama’s TelePrompTer reading tomorrow night?


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