VIDEO: What’s That in Your Pants? A Snow Penis? This Week’s Live Comedy Break, Kidders 92

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Stories covered:

Trigger Alert: Snow Penis offends and terrifies whiny college students at University of Mich

Someone At UMich Reported A Snow Penis As A ‘Bias Incident’

Florida, Land of the Geniuses

Poll: 38% of Florida voters believe Ted Cruz could be Zodiac Killer –

Look on the Bright Side: Now Senior Citizens Can Drive Up on The Sidewalk Without Leaving the Home

Google Self-Driving Car Srikes Bus

Hey What’s in That Guy’s Pants?

No More Turtles For Canadian Who Smuggled 38 In His Pants

Is This The Reason That Wal-Mart Employees Seem To Not Know What’s Going on There?

Man dresses as Walmart employee to steal TVs –



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