King Barack Has Spoken (AGAIN): Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Long before he was elected to any federal office, Barack Obama signaled his hostility toward the rule of law and our Constitution, which in 2001 he dismissed in a radio interview as a document of “negative rights.” Even though unfortunately many well-intentioned, but poorly-informed voters in 2008 didn’t realize it, when he proudly touted his past as a “community organizer,” he may as well have said “I hate this piece of garbage called the U.S. Constitution written by the imperialistic dead white European men because it restricts what the federal government can do to make everything fair, and when I get the chance, I will fix this racist country by confiscating the ill-gotten wealth of those with white skin privilege, and giving it to the deserving poor. I’ll do it by any means necessary.” That’s what Alinskyism is all about.

Flash forward to today with the One occupying the Oval Office. OK, Barack! We can’t wait! You are a take charge guy, and you’ve shown that by appointing an attorney general who shares your contempt for the rule of law. Of course, no one can accuse you of not being willing to try to make things happen through appropriate channels. As your spokesman David Plouffe said this morning on more than one Sunday show, you gave it the old college try, but Congress wouldn’t pass the DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) act. If they do, he explained, you’re more than willing to sign it. They refused to pass the law you demanded. You tried that. Now they’re mad because you got something done and accuse you of acting like a dictator because you won’t wait for Congress to pass some pointless law? If this episode doesn’t make it clear to everyone how unreasonable and partisan the Republicans in Congress are, I don’t know what will. Not only did the President’s bold and decisive action set off the crybabies in Congress. It also inspired yet another ugly racist attack on our Dear Reader, right in the Rose Garden! Will the vicious assaults on this great man, who is only trying to do what only he knows is best for us, never end?

Some people wonder why Barack Obama didn’t keep his promise to enact “comprehensive immigration reform” (read amnesty for illegals, which this recent move isn’t because Barack Obama said so) during the first two years of his administration when his party controlled both houses of Congress. That’s a good question, but what are even these critics forgetting that exposes his stunning hypocrisy on this issue? We’ll connect those dots.

A new book, American Tapestry: The Story of the Black, White and Multiracial Ancestors of Michelle Obama, reveals the awful truth: the First Grifter has not only slave blood, but white blood as well! I guess it might be time to rewrite that semi-literate Princeton thesis.

On this Father’s Day, I wonder what was the best advice your father gave you? The worst advice? What advice would your father give Barack Obama, or Mitt Romney?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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