King of the Useful Idiots Strikes Again: Lauds Hugo Chavez Who CARED

As predictable as the sun coming up is Jimmy Carter saying something idiotic, especially about pinko dictators. From the Washington Times: 

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter mourned the death Tuesday of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, hailing his commitment to improving the lives of Venezuelans, and praising him for communicating “hope and empowerment” and for “his bold assertion of autonomy and independence for Latin American governments.”

According to a statement posted at the Carter Center website, Mr. Carter and his wife Rosalynn “came to know a man who expressed a vision to bring profound changes to his country to benefit especially those people who had felt neglected and marginalized.”

Oh, Hugo CARED about the downtrodden! What a beautiful man! Totalitarian thug who used a cult of the personality to try to destroy democracy in his country, yes, but he CARED!

Does that sound familiar?


  1. Amen! I’ve always suspected that they might do a “Weekend at Bernie’s” thing with Fidel for a few weeks. Maybe that’s even going on now.

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