Lame Stream Media Polls: Shiny Objects of Distraction

Many of my fellow conservative commentators have spent a lot of time talking about the oversampling of democrats in nearly all of the recently released presidential election polls. Just in case you haven’t noticed, they show that holding the presidential election is a mere formality at this points, since Barack Obama has effectively won. While I don’t doubt that it’s true that these polls are skewed, that’s not the real story. The real story is that for the last two weeks, these polls, along with Mitt Romney’s allegedly “infamous,” “horrific,” “revealing,” and granted, poorly worded, comments at a May fundraiser, are presented incessantly by the LSM as the lead story, the most important news since some dude with a super powerful telephoto lens snapped photos of a topless Kate Middleton. So, it’s not that the polls are skewed, which they are. It’s that they are being used by the Obama administration’s propagandists to facilitate its deliberate coverup of the murder of four Americans, one of whom was the first American ambassador to be murdered by terrorists since 1979, in Libya on September 11, 2012.

Informed citizens, otherwise known as those who realize that attempting to learn actual news from network broadcasts is like trying to find someone who can tell you how many members of the U.S. Senate there are at an Obama rally, know the following stunning facts, regarding the Benghazi attack:

  • Despite the embarrassing, and obviously dishonest, statements on Sunday, September 16 by U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, which we called out on that very day’s edition of the Teri O’Brien Show, the attack was NOT the result of a “spontaneous” protest. It was a pre-planned, intentional terrorist attack, undertaken in retaliation for the killing of Sheikh Abu Yahya al-Libi, who was killed in a June drone strike.
  • The White House knew within 24 hours that the attack was a carried out by an al Qaeda affiliate. (I strongly recommend that you read the UK Daily Mail story linked here. Leave to the British press to do the job our media won’t do.)
  • Everyone in the Obama administration from Barack Obama, to Hillary Clinton on down, has been blatantly deceiving the American public for over two weeks about what happened. Even though he knew it was a lie, all week, including during his cringe-inducing appearance on “The View,” and his speech to the United Nations, the One himself continued to make reference to some silly YouTube video that nearly no one saw, contradicting members of his own administration, as a reason for the attack and the murder of four Americans.

Like you, now all members of the LSM know that Barack Obama is lying. F. Chuck Todd knows he’s lying. Chris Matthews knows he’s lying. David Gregory knows he’s lying. We all  know because he has admitted it. When will one of these fearless truth seekers ask Barack Obama “Why did you lie to the American people for two weeks? When are you going to tell the truth?” Failing that, they might ask him if he is now able to bear using the word “terrorism,” or if he continues to share the ridiculous, and ideologically-driven, aversion to that term expressed by his Secretary of Homeland Security.

Al Qaeda has had its greatest success since 9/11/01. In an eerie coincidence, an American ambassador is murdered by terrorists for the first time since the administration of the pathetical peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter. Yet, alleged journalists not only allow, but facilitate the coverup by choosing to change the subject to their idiotic polls, celebrity shenanigans, and supposed “caught on tape” gaffes by Mitt Romney, in which he states the obvious or repeats things he has said in public forums.

You well know that the media is in the tank for Barack Obama, and the evidence is in, not just in these skewed polls. That’s the least of it. It’s in what they are desperately trying to help him cover up.

It’s a given that the LSM will try to help their Golden Boy win, however, the Benghazi coverup is unraveling. John “Lurch” Kerry is circulating a letter, seeking answers. From Susan Ferrechio at the Washington Examiner:

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., circulated a bipartisan letter addressed to Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides, asking for an “accounting of the attacks against U.S. missions in Egypt, Libya and Yemen,” according to a copy obtained by The Washington Examiner.

It’s time for Mitt Romney to call out this administration, which as all the transparency of the Nixon administration and all the incompetence of that of the King of the Useful Idiots, James Earl Carter.

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