Larry Elder Dishes About the Oprah, Shares Surprising Stuff About Jackson, Sharpton & Farrakhan-The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-18-13


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Larry Elder – – Home of the Larry Elder Show and the Elderados – The Sage From South Central

The Real Oprah Emerges RaceBaiter: Four Blacks Kill Young Couple in Cruelest Way – Every Bit As Cruel As Emmett Till | Maggie’s Notebook (Can anyone tell me why anyone ever saw any redeeming value in the Oprah and her silly shows?)

Robert Reich (Why the Anger?) (Seriously? This piece is an unintentionally hilarious view inside the cranium of the East-Coast-Brain-Rot afflicted, disconnected elites who need to buy a vowel)

Stand up for Trayvon Martin by amending ‘stand your ground’ – The Washington Post (Even though “Stand Your Ground” laws had ZERO to do with the sad incident that resulted in the death of dope-smoking thug Trayvon Martin)

NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds – The Washington Post

For Obama, 50 years after historic march, economic equality the path to racial justice – The Washington Post

Court: Ability to police U.S. spying program limited – The Washington Post

Opinion: Why are IRS employees getting big bonuses? – Rep. Mark Meadows – (Why do we have to give six-figure incentives to people who are not only very well compensated, but also often incompetent? This piece is a must-read, but I warn you, it will enrage you when you learn what these federal parasites are receiving from us. I hope that Lois Lerner is enjoying her paid summer vacation, which appears to have no end date. She could at least send us a postcard, no?)


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