Lauryn Hill: I Didn’t Pay Taxes Because I am “the child of former slaves.”

From National Review:

Grammy Award–winner Lauryn Hill was sentenced to three months in federal prison on Monday for not paying taxes on three years’ worth of earnings. In court, Hill blamed her misdeeds on racial persecution. “I am a child of former slaves who had a system imposed on them,” she said. “I had an economic system imposed on me.”

This woman earned more than $1.8 million from 2005 to 2007, but she not only didn’t pay her “fair share.” No, I take that back. She decided that her fair share was zero because she is “the child of former slaves.” Gee, I wonder where she could have gotten that idea. Perhaps this excellent piece from National Review by Rich Lowry entitled “The Obama/Clinton Reparationscould shed some light on it.

Ms. Hill isn’t alone in her entitlement mentality. It is shared by nearly everyone in the Obama administration, including the One himself. We have frequently noted that the Obamas not only share the belief of many on the Left that racist Amerika owes reparations to people for things that happened hundreds of years ago. They put it into practice with their never-ending celebrity parties, luxurious vacations, and over-the-top date nights.

Lauryn, you shouldn’t have tried to get away with playing the race card, at least not without the assistance of the White House. Perhaps before Obama is driven from office over his Benghazi coverup, he will grant you a pardon.

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