The Left’s Messiah, Barack Obama, Celebrates His Latest Miracle, 7.1 Obamacare “Signups”

Happy days are here again! Yesterday, to an assembled group of fawning acolytes, B. Hussein Obama (Praise be his name) celebrated the latest of his many fabled achievements, his equivalent of the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, which would resemble the original, if that one had involved Christ showing up to a bountiful banquet, taking all the food away, then giving it back, and accepting hosannahs for saving the wedding guests from starvation. Because of Obamacare, millions lost their policies, despite the infamous, horrifically cynical promise that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” Greater lies hath no man.

Was there ever any doubt that, despite the inevitable trials and tribulations so enjoyed by naysayers and haters, that the One would reach his self-created goal? Even as the American people expressed their joy and gratitude for the blessing that Obamacare is in their lives, and those lucky enough to be in the Dear Reader’s presence as he proclaimed victory over the dark forces that continue to resist his loving kindness clapped like trained seals, the spokesmen for those dark forces persisted in asking their irritating questions, questions like

  • How many of this 7.1 million new enrollees are among those who were kicked off their health insurance plans?
  • How many have paid their premiums?
  • Why does the RAND corporation say that only 850,000 previously uninsured people are now covered, rather than the 7.1 million touted by Obama?
  • How many of this 7.1 million are now on Medicaid?
  • What percentage of physicians refuse to accept new Medicaid patients?
  • If very few physicians accept Medicaid, how is this new “insurance” improving to access to health care for the previously uninsured?
  • If very few physicians accept Medicaid, how are these new Obamacare policies better than the “substandard” insurance made illegal by the (Un)Affordable (Obama Doesn’t) Care Act?

Some bitter clingers are claiming that Obama and his apparatchiks are “cooking the books” to demonstrate success. Obviously, they still have not accepted the preternatural abilities of Barack.

Seriously, when this braying jackass asks “why are folks working so hard for folks not to have health insurance?” perhaps he should ask himself, since his “signature achievement” resulted in lots of people losing their coverage, despite his expedient election year lie about their being able to keep their plans.

One thing’s for sure. King Barack has spoken. In the grand tradition of dictators everywhere, he has declared that the “debate is over,” which is one way to win an argument that you most certainly have lost.

Is yesterday’s celebration more like “the system worked” or “mission accomplished?” The latter is a phrase used to unfairly brand Pres. George W. Bush as an idiot, even though he never uttered the phrase, and his speech on the aircraft carrier where the crew had strung a banner with that phrase contained many phrases demonstrating that he understood that the mission was far from overNaturally, the propagandists who like to think of themselves as “journalists” thoroughly distorted the truth AGAIN. In the case of Obamacare, though, his Highness’ victory lap will probably be seen as a “mission accomplished” moment, in the distorted meaning popularized by the media once the ugly truth about this law smacks the American public in the face with astronomically high deductibles, extremely limited doctor networks and all the other joys that some Americans are already experiencing.

Discuss among yourself, and post your comments below.


  1. I predict that this number will be revised downward shortly after the mid-term election is over.

  2. How many people are getting a subsidy?

    • We will probably never know for certain. The regime could not tell us right now even if they wanted to, and they don’t. Any number that they put out is almost certainly going to be inaccurate. I suspect that at least 90% of all applicants will receive a subsidy.

    • Like nearly every other question intelligent citizens like you have, Ken, the Regime can’t answer that one. Stay tuned. My answer is that a lot fewer will be getting a subsidy than think they will. Don’t you think a large percentage of lo-fo Obama supporters think that they are going to get “free health care?” Are they ever in for a rude awakening!

      • I suspect that those who do receive a subsidy will find that it will barely put a dent in the astronomical costs of the so called “Affordable” Care act.

      • They can only “Cook the Books” for so long… till it becomes a “crusted sludge burned into the bottom of the Pot!!! I hope by that time the mid-term elections the people wake-up!

      • They can only “Cook the Books” for so long… till it becomes a “crusted sludge burned into the bottom of the Pot!!! I hope by that time the mid-term elections the people wake-up!

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