Leprosy, TB: “Diversity” in Obama’s America

Leprosy: Authorities in a Southern California school sent a note home to parents last Friday reporting that there two students were possibly infected with this disease from the Middle Ages.

School officials are keeping the identities of the students private, and not reporting on whether they are from the same family.

From CBS Los Angeles:

Parents and students in Jurupa Valley could be dealing with a rare disease from the Middle Ages.

Some parents refused to send their children to school Tuesday after receiving a warning from the Jurupa Unified School District about two possible cases of leprosy affecting students at Indian Hills Elementary School.

It was unclear whether the students are related to each other.

Barbara Cole, the director of disease control for Riverside County, said a school nurse notified the health department of the rare disease on Friday, but it could take weeks to get tests results back to confirm whether the children indeed have leprosy.

“We have not idenfied any risk at the school and it’s very difficult to transmit to others,” said Cole.

Leprosy is associated with disfiguring skin sores and peeling skin.

The disease is spread through mucus after having close and repeated contact with an infected person. It is easily treatable with antibiotics, even though most of the population is immune to it.

Jurupa Valley Unified Superintendent Elliott Duchon says classrooms have been decontaminated and the students in question are not in school.

“For parents, they need to make a decision for their children but we’re not recommending any precautions,” said Duchon. “There is not a risk at this time.”

The investigation is ongoing.

Gee, where could this disease have come from?

We have previously reported on the incidents of tuberculosis, including the drug-resistant variety, on the rise in the United States here, here and here, and the efforts of local officials to downplay and under-report its incidents. We had nearly irradiated this disease, but then we decided it would be a good idea to import a lot of people from the Third World into the heartland of our country. And when I say we, I mean Obama and his minions, hell bent on “remaking” America.

What do you think about this mysterious appearance of this ancient malady? Do you think we will be told the truth about it once the “investigation” is complete?

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