Let Me Say It Again. Hillary Has Some ‘Splainin’ to Do About Benghazi

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Miss Pggy Miss Piggy

The Weekly Standard reports on the State Department’s release of its annual Country Reports on Terrorism 2012 survey yesterday. There were 11 terrorism related attacks in Libya prior to 9/11/12, the date on which our ambassador and 3 other Americans were murdered, including:

• On May 22, assailants launched a rocket-propelled grenade at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)’s building in Benghazi. The violent Islamist extremist group Brigades of Captive Omar Abdul Rahman claimed responsibility for the attack. The ICRC evacuated Benghazi in mid-July.

• On June 6, violent extremists attacked the U.S. facilities in Benghazi with an improvised explosive device (IED). The group claimed that the attack was in retaliation for the assassination of Abu-Yahya al-Libi, the second highest ranking leader of al-Qa’ida.

• On June 11, a convoy carrying the British Ambassador to Libya was attacked in Benghazi.

• In August, there was a series of attacks against security personnel and facilities, including the bombing of the Benghazi military intelligence offices on August 1…

• On August 10, Army General Hadiya al-Feitouri was assassinated in Benghazi.

• On August 20, a car belonging to an Egyptian diplomat was blown up near his home in Benghazi.

Yet, as Victoria Toensing, attorney for the whistleblower Gregory Hicks told us on the May 12, 2013 edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, Hillary Clinton herself sent Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens to Benghazi. Why? And why have the same level of security in this flaming war zone as we have in Paris?

If Mrs. Clinton thinks she’s going to run for president and not have to answer these questions, she’s got another thing coming.

Do yourself a favor, Hillary. Come clean. Even if Scarlett Johansson plays you in an upcoming movie. (What-Miss Piggy isn’t available?)


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