Let’s Hope Obama’s Face Doesn’t Appear on Our TV’s During the Football Game Tonight: Show Notes


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Gun Owners: Should We Listen to Bob Costas or Jesus Christ? – Doug Giles

I had a frightening thought right before the show went on the air. What if, just like a couple of weeks ago, we’re trying to watch a football game, and suddenly, the game disappears and fills with Barack Obama’s face? And he says “No more football unless the Republicans agree to go along with my balanced approach. It’s what the American people voted on and I won.” Just like that Macintosh commercial. YIKES!

Most under-reported stories of 2012

Consensus Winner: Fast and Furious

Heads roll after Fast and Furious investigation – CBS News (Thanks to Sheryl Atkisson for doing amazing work on this story. If you go to this link, there are links to all of her excellent Fast and Furious stories.)

A ‘Fast & Furious’ I Told You So – By Andrew C. McCarthy – The Corner – National Review Online

MILLER: Injured vet’s guns stolen by D.C. – Washington Times

MILLER: D.C. arrests vet for unregistered ammunition (part 1) – Washington Times

2nd Place: Benghazi Coverup

Benghazi-Gate Enters New Phase: The Cover Up of the Cover Up

Also worth noting:

The Dishonest Obama 2012 Campaign

‘The Road We’ve Traveled:’ A misleading account of Obama’s mother and her insurance dispute – The Wa…

Obama claim of cutting spending is not right | McClatchy (Obama’s claim that he cut $1T in spending is complete crap!)

NYT proves Romney right on welfare | The Daily Caller (Natch!)

Romney’s welfare ad is accurate | The Daily Caller

Gibson Guitar Raid. Thank God the Federal Government is Protecting Us from Legitimate Businesses Who Import Ebony from Madagascar

Feds Raid Guitar Maker…Looking for Illegal Wood | TheBlaze.com

Feds Drop Case After Gibson Guitars Agrees to Pay $300K Penalty | TheBlaze.com

Furor over Gibson guitar raid strikes only minor chords on Hill – Talia Buford – POLITICO.com

Gibson Guitar case drags on with no sign of criminal charges | Fox News

Why Gibson Guitar Was Raided By The Justice Department : The Record : NPR

Report: 83 percent of doctors have considered quitting over Obamacare | The Daily Caller

Obama announces new wave of proposed regulations – Washington Times

Obama Orders Pay Raise for Biden, Members of Congress, Federal Workers | The Weekly Standard (Of course! They deserve a raise, right?)

Obama Helped Kill Immigration Reform In 2007 – Will Media Remember? | NewsBusters.org

Obama Skips Over Inouye, ‘Perhaps My Earliest Political Inspiration,’ in Memoirs – By Patrick Brenna… (Once again, Obama’s “iconic” life story is proven to be made up BS)

Americans for Tax Reform : $1 Trillion Obamacare Tax Hike Hitting on Jan. 1 (Obama claims to worry about children with disabilities, but Obamacare reduces their ability to use Flexible Spending Accounts to provide for education for children with special needs)

Obama Skips Over Inouye, ‘Perhaps My Earliest Political Inspiration,’ in Memoirs – By Patrick Brenna…

Articles: What the Media Choose Not to Know about Trayvon

Another NBC Reporter Refuses to Cover Chicago Teachers Union Ties to Socialist Orgs

Most Annoying Public Figures of 2012

My top 3:

#3-Dick Durbin

#2-First Klingon aka Michelle Obama

#1-Sandra Fluke

Other nominees from our SL’s (Smart Listeners), all very worthy:

Piers Morgan, Chris Matthews, George Stephanopoulos, Christiane Amanpour, Honey Boo Boo, Candy Crowley, Harry Reid



  1. You do not make “TV” plural with an apostrophe. Also, I am soooooHappy that Obama is president! Which states did you predict Romney would win again????

    • Actually, Sooo Happy, you are wrong. It is absolutely correct to make abbreviations such as TV, DVD, ATM, etc. plural by adding “‘s” to the end. It may seem strange, but it is right.

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