Liberal Death Star Confirms What I Have Said For the Last 5 Years: Obama Voters are “Low Information Voters.”

Never doubt me. Recently a friend commended me for coining the term “low-information voters” to describe those who the Obama campaign brilliantly mobilized in 2008. Remember? I have told you many times that for a large number of the clueless ignoranti who came out to support the Chicago messiah the first time, voting was a brand new experience, unless, of course, you count texting in the number of assigned to your favorite “American Idol” contestant. If you are feeling a little depressed about the re-election of the jug-eared, jackass Sham WOW (Walks on Water) affirmative-action assisted empty suit, amuse yourself by watching some of them display their brilliance here, courtesy of John Ziegler. They are glittering jewels of colossal ignorance, aren’t they?

Now they are revealing a bit of the strategy that helped them win last week, and sure enough, part of it was appealing to those same dolts. From the New York Times:

It was called “the Optimizer,” and, strategists for President Obama say it is how he beat a better-financed Republican opposition in the advertising war.

Culling never-before-used data about viewing habits, and combining it with more personal information about the voters the campaign was trying to reach and persuade than was ever before available, the system allowed Mr. Obama’s team to direct advertising with a previously unheard-of level of efficiency, strategists from both sides agree. …

Once again, listeners to the Teri O’Brien Show are ahead of the curve. As I told you during last Sunday’s show, the primary battle gave Team Obama time to work on winning the election unopposed.

The system was meant to combat the far more sophisticated version that Mr. Obama’s team had built over years. But Mr. Romney was distracted and financially depleted by his long primary season, and even with perfect execution, both sides agree, he never would have had the time or finances to catch up.

With so much more time to prepare, Mr. Obama’s polling and “analytics” department collected so much information about the electorate that it knew far more about which sorts of voters were going to turn out — and where — than the Romney campaign and most public pollsters.

But in between identifying likely supporters and successfully delivering them to the polls there was an intensive effort to send them a constant stream of messages devised to keep wavering 2008 Obama supporters from succumbing to Mr. Romney’s effort to win them over, and to get unwavering supporters excited about voting.

That was where “the Optimizer” came in.

And what did the Optimizer tell Team Obama to do?

Through its vast array of information collected via its e-mail list, Facebook and millions of door-to-door discussions conducted by volunteers in swing states — and fed into the campaign database — the campaign devised a ranking scale for voters ranging from likeliest to support Mr. Obama to least likely.

Then the advertising team worked backward to figure out what sorts of programs likely and undecided voters were liable to watch, and when. It did so using not only traditional Nielsen Media Research data but also newly available information from set-top cable boxes that gave a far more detailed sense of how the groups watched television, and, more important, commercials.

The answers led to advertising purchases that the campaign might not have made, especially as it pursued undecided voters who did not regularly go to traditional sources for news.

So it was, said Jim Margolis, a senior advertising strategist, that the campaign bought more late-night advertising time than it otherwise would have on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” ESPN and, most surprisingly, TV Land, the basic cable network devoted to reruns of old programs.

In the case of TV Land, Mr. Margolis said, the campaign was seeking to reach “folks who may not be as political, may not be deciding until later.”

“A lot of these people are lower-information voters,”(emphasis mine) he said, “not necessarily tuned to politics and watching a little more programming that is out of the main lane of what most of us think of.”

I’ll say it again. Team Obama ran a brilliant campaign. They got the opponent they wanted. They used a relentless campaign of character assassination to disqualify him and cause the afore-mentioend low-information cohort to either stay home, or give the One another chance. They wanted a low turnout election. Having suppressed the total vote, they made sure to get just enough of their voters out to win in their “firewall” states.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in (relatively) large numbers.

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