Liberal Hypocrite Alert: Penny Pritzer Also “Bet Against America”

Remember this ad from last fall’s presidential campaign?

Or this?

As I write this post, Barack Obama’s nominee for Commerce Secretary, his campaign sugar mama Penny Pritzker is testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee. As it turns out, she also got lots of money from one of those evil offshore accounts.  As the Washington Times notes:

On financial disclosure forms, Ms. Pritzker revealed that she received $53.6 million in income in 2012 from a trust in the Bahamas. The income is described as being paid for “consulting services.” …

The Pritzker family has placed some of its money offshore for decades. Some lawmakers accuse Mr. Obama of hypocrisy for slamming Mr. Romney over the tax havens and then nominating two people for his second-term Cabinet who have held such investments. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew also had an account in the Cayman Islands.

“The president should have the same standard for his opponents as he does for his friends and financial backers,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican.

Actually, it was more than $53.6 million. From the Wall Street Journal:

On the eve of her Senate confirmation hearing, commerce-secretary nominee Penny Pritzker alerted Congress that she mistakenly understated her 2012 income by at least $80 million.

The admission came in new financial disclosure documents that Ms. Pritzker filed with the Senate on Tuesday. The newly disclosed payment came from U.S. accounts and was tied to Ms. Pritzker’s work over the past decade carrying out a complex plan to divide her family’s assets—work that included restructuring, managing and selling various trusts, said her assistant, Susan Anderson.

Ms. Anderson said the omission was due to an inadvertent “clerical error.”

“The mistake was discovered by financial advisers to Ms. Pritzker who helped prepare her financial disclosure,” Ms. Anderson said in an emailed statement.

What’s another $30 million? After all, as Barbie reminded us, and as Lois Lerner restated during her planted question revealing that Obama’s IRS had targeted conservative groups, math is tough!

Don’t expect the Lame Stream Media to make more than a cursory mention of the blatant hypocrisy of the Obama administration. They didn’t utter a peep about former chief of staff, now Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s Cayman Island bank accounts.



  1. Kelly Hounshell, Union President

    Please, watch the 12 min. Documentary,movie, of our plant closing,owned by Mrs. Penny Pritzker. Look what this lady did to me and my 600 members, and their families. She made a sweetheart deal with the gov. of La. She got a check for $65 million dollars, me and my 600 members got a pink slip. Also in the movie, look at the $1.5 billion dollars she got for her Haytt hotels ( TAXPAYERS DOLLARS). Do we really need someone like this as Sec.of Commerce Dept. in the White House. Please watch:

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