Liberals Assault the English Language, Then Cry Rape

Among the many adorable traits of our liberal friends, one of my favorites is their propensity to shoehorn common English words into the confines of their ideology by redefining them until they’ve lost any resemblance to their actual meanings. They know that they could never convince most Americans to go along with their freedom-destroying, wealth-redistributing, big federal government schemes if they were honest about what they want to do. So, until they can get rid of that pesky ballot box and that annoying democratic Republic framework created by those evil dead white Europeans, they have to continue to use obfuscation and deception to con as many people as possible.

Ironically, one of the Left’s heroes, FDR, changed the meaning of the word “liberal” itself back in 1932.

In the wake of the ridiculous and destructive comments by MO Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin about “legitmate rape,” the Obama campaign has unleashed Sandra Fluke, and others of her repellant ilk, to hector Paul Ryan about his pro-life views, demanding that he explain why he co-sponsored a “Sanctity of Life” statute (the nerve!) with Rep. Akin that included the phrase “forcible rape,” a phrase that has been used in criminal statutes for centuries. Lawyers understand that, especially when defining the reason someone might spend years behind bars, it’s better to be redundant than ambiguous.

Back in the day, everyone understood what “rape” meant. That was when our great-grandmothers would keep the light on and the door open in parlor when entertaining a gentleman caller, who would certainly need to leave by midnight. Then came the feminists of the 1970’s, who decided that all women were victims of something they called “patriarchy.” The feminists had an easy answer for women hoping to avoid enslavement by this patriarchy and its subjugating institutions like marriage (another word that the Left has raped and abandoned by the side of the road); specifically, hit the sheets with as many guys as possible. The great news was that all this recreational sex would be consequence-free, thanks to the legalization of abortion and no-questions asked birth control dispensaries like Planned Parenthood! How awesome was that!

Sadly, there were some downsides to the “liberation” of what came to be known as “the sexual revolution,” and not just the many sexually-transmitted diseases. In addition, there was a blurring of the line between “rape” and “consensual” sex. Since women were now “liberated”, a woman could go out to a bar, get stinking drunk, go home with 7th Fleet, and wake up with no memory of what happened after her 6th martini. Since women were also victims, that same woman could still claim to have been “raped.” So could a woman who went out on a date and ended up having sex with her escort. She could decide after the fact that she had actually been “raped.” In fact, any time a woman had sex, she had a credible claim to being “raped” in the eyes of some radical feminists.  Some women lamented the insistence by the feminists that we are all “victims,” realizing it was the feminists themselves who had created a culture of victimhood to try to make themselves relevant, but the damage was done. Predictably, the Lame Stream Media and academia injected this nonsense into our culture, where it remains today.

While they were helping other liberals destroy the traditional family, feminists invented the notion of “acquaintance rape” aka “date rape” in the 1980′s. Now they wonder why there might some need for a clear definition of “rape” in a statute? I guess I’m a bit confused. I thought that liberals were obsessed with the rights of criminal defendants. With the advent of “date rape,” their rights went right out the window. From the William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law:

In recent decades, defendants have increasingly fallen victim to rules and treatment, inspired primarily by political correctness, that shortchange them of their constitutional rights, whether guilty or not. Due to this modern trend, the presumption of guilt against

alleged perpetrators of date rape is already stacked against them in today’s politically correct atmosphere. (Citing Until Proven Innocent by Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson, 2007, a book about the Duke Lacrosse case).

Once again, liberals destroy what is good, decent, and just plain common sense, then try to masquerade as bystanders. Paul Ryan is right: “rape is rape.” Liberals who decided differently are now attempting to profit politically from their disastrous social policies.

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