LIke a Sleazy Used Car Salesman, Amnesty Proponents Press “Urgency”

From the New York Times aka The Liberal Death Star:

Senate Democratic leaders sought on Monday to spur their colleagues to pick up the pace as the immigration debate entered its second week.

With the legislation’s backers hoping to win Senate approval before members of Congress leave for the Fourth of July, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, warned that the Senate could be held in session over the weekend if there was no progress soon.

Senator Patrick J. Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who chairs the Judiciary Committee and is managing the bipartisan immigration measure on the floor, also prodded the Senate.

“Either we do it now or we are never going to do it,” he said.

You said a mouthful there, Senator Leahy. Isn’t that exactly the point? Coincidentally, I happened to be surfing around and I encountered this piece, “Secrets from a Used Car Salesman on Getting the Best Deal.” One tip “They feed on urgency.” Of course they do! When people are trying to get you to do something, and are also telling you “Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Time is running out!,” you know that they are trying to pull a fast one. Why do you think they call it a “fast one” in the first place?

Yes, time is running out on this con.The more people find out about this 1041-page disaster, the less they like it. Shades of Obamacare, another 1000+ page train wreck that we had to pass so we could find out what’s in it.

As is so often the case, one of my favorite members of the U.S. Senate, Jeff Sessions (R-AL), is spot on. Also from the Liberal Death Star, by way of Daily News Crunch:

Senator Jeff Sessions, an elfin Alabamian with a mischievous smile and a relentless approach to legislative battle, has a theory about the sweeping immigration bill pending in the Senate: It’s as good as dead.

“The longer it lays in the sun, the more it smells, as they say about the mackerel,”(emphasis mine) said Mr. Sessions, the Republican enthusiastically leading the opposition to a bill others on his side of the aisle see as vital to the very future of the Republican Party.

We can stop this destructive amnesty. If you haven’t done so already, please go to the NumbersUSA website and send a free message to your representative. Sen. Reid, Sen. Schumer, Sen. Leahy, Sen. Durbin, and Barack Obama know that if we mobilize, their proposal, which I think of as the “Democrat-Majority for Decades Insurance Act,” is dead. Let’s put it out of its misery.


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