Like Father, Like Daughter: Al Sharpton’s Daughter is Suing New York City Because She’s a Klutz


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As frequently noted here and on The Teri O’Brien Show, Barack and Michelle Obama are the most successful race-hustling grifters in American history. (On second thought, it’s probably world history. I haven’t done enough research to make that definitive statement.) A close second, though, is one of several tax cheats employed by the 24/7 televised insane asylum MS-NBC, Rev. Al Sharpton. Like Jesse Jackson, has made a career out of shaking down government entities and corporations for alleged racism.

It appears that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Sharpton’s 28-year old daughter, Dominique, claims that she was severely injured, as in $5 million worth, when she tripped on a New York City sidewalk. There may be a teensy weensy problem with her claim, though. Like the New York Post:

Currently on vacation in Bali, the membership director for her gadfly dad’s National Action Network claims she “still suffers and will continue to suffer for some time physical pain and bodily injuries,” according to the suit filed against the city departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection.
“I sprained my ankle real bad lol,” she wrote in a post to Instagram after the Oct. 2 fall.
She was pictured in a walking boot in the weeks following the tumble, but by December, Dominique was good to go for NAN’s Justice for All march in Washington, DC, and for a New Year’s Eve jaunt to Miami Beach.
And despite claiming “permanent physical pain” in a breathless notice of claim, there are social-media shots of her in high heels, and another of her climbing a ladder to decorate a Christmas tree.

Not only did she inherit her dad’s shakedown skills. Obviously, she also inherited his massive intelligence, no?


  1. The sad part is that NYC will offer her a settlement to go away because it will be less expensive than litigating her claim. I’m sure that she is well aware of this.

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