Like Spielberg, Jimmuh Carter and Other Luminaries, Ozzie Loves Castro

As White Sox fans will attest, Ozzie Guillen is well-known for his colorful, and often unfortunate, remarks. Now he has been suspended for five days for comments he made to Time Magazine, praising one of the biggest anal sphincters of the last 100 years, Fidel Castro. I know what you’re thinking. What would possess anyone to do anything so stupid? And by “stupid,” of course I mean talk to Time magazine. Big mistake. Equally stupid, the new manager of the Miami Marlins compounded the mistake by not only saying nice things about a guy who is a murderous, brutal dictator, but who is THE murderous, brutal dictator who inflicted horrific misery on many of the same people that the Marlins are hoping to call “customers.” Talk about bad for business. What’s next? Is he going to go to a NOW meeting and praise Rush Limbaugh?

One brief aside: This controversy has nothing to do with freedom of speech. Let’s not have that tired discussion again. It is so 2003 Dixie Chicks. Ozzie is free to say whatever he wants. So are you. If your boss doesn’t like it, though, he has the freedom to fire you. Just ask John Derbyshire, formerly a columnist for National Review. This column got him fired from that gig.

But back to the original question: why would Ozzie say something so ill-advised? Is he stupid? Brain-damaged like Keith Olbermann? Or perhaps, watching some highly-respected and admired figures in society, he decided that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating Castro. That was the point my friend and Teri O’Brien Show guest, the amazing Humberto Fontova, author of Exposing the Real Ché Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him made in a blog post today. When I hear anyone compliment Castro, I think of Humberto and his family. Humberto was born in Havana, and fled Cuba with his mother and two siblings in 1961. During the escape, his father was captured by Castro’s thugs as the family tried to flee, and imprisoned in La Cabana, a notorious firing squad waiting room where 2100 men and boys were murdered. Eventually he was released, and joined his family in New Orleans.

Humberto posted about the Ozzie controversy on the blog, Babalú, citing two towering intellects, frequently lionized by the American Left, democrats Jimmy Carter and George McGovern, and their love for the dreamy despot :

Hialeah residents skew 57.810% Democratic. Two of the most respected figures in their political party are on record for REPEATED and apparently SINCERE references to Fidel Castro no worse than Ozzie Guillen’s off-the-cuff quip.

Neither the “Elder Statesman” nor the “Conscience” of the Political party to which the overwhelming majority of Hialeah residents owe their allegiance has apologized for comments made–NOT ex-officio (which would be excusable in the name of official diplomacy)–but as private citizens.

Of course, he is absolutely right. Where’s the outrage from Hialeah democrats? Neither the King of the Useful Idiots (Jimmuh) or George “Crawl on My Knees to Hanoi” McGovern has ever apologized for expressing admiration for Fidel. Neither have Steven Spielberg, Dan Rather, Diane Sawyer, Chevy Chase, Jesse Jackson or Oliver Stone. Their disgusting gushing about this evil carbuncle on humanity are chronicled in one of Humberto’s other books, Fidel Castro: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant

I hope that you have learned your lesson, Ozzie. Cuba is a slave island. Unless and until they send you there, it will never be the Land of Oz. You are not a democrat politician, Lame Stream Media newsreader, or a Hollywood limousine liberal. You are a baseball manager. Fill out your lineups, coddle the prima donna egos, do a local Saturday morning tv show about how the season is going. Even make hilarious off the cuff remarks, such as when you referred to yourself as Charlie Sheen without the drugs and hookers. Whatever. Just stay out of politics. If you want to praise murderers, stick to references to Murderer’s Row.

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