Like Swiss Clockwork: the Russians

In our last installment, I predicted the Russians wouldn’t be able to keep the Hillary e-mails quiet. From Russia Today (RT), who, by the way, are right up there with InfoWars and WND vying for the last position as the conspiracy theory professor, with tenure, of course. IMHO.

They do have the e-mails, so we’ll just have to muddle through the spin, sticking to the body of the correspondence:

Hillary e-mail3

Interestingly, in this truncated message, the sender (Blumenthal) admits that the interim president’s “senior advisors” are members of the Muslim Brotherhood- a fact glossed over by this journalist. Be that as it were, the meeting was in the afternoon of the 11th- prior to the attack that killed Ambassador Stevens.

RT goes on to quote the memo:

“A senior security officer told [interim Libyan President Mohammed Yussef] el Magariaf that the attacks on that day were inspired by what many devout Libyans viewed as a sacrilegious internet video on the prophet Mohammed originating in America,” the memo reads. “The Libya attacks were also inspired by and linked to an attack on the US mission in Egypt on the same day.”

But that is absolutely absurd. The Egyptian attacks were not about the silly video:

From this video’s description:

Here is an excerpt of an interview that CNN’s Nic Robertson did outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt on Sept. 10, 2011. During this interview it is revealed that the protest that later turned violent was initiated to push for the release of The Blind Sheik. This protest WAS NOT formed to protest any American movie! CNN KNOWS this, yet they are still pushing the false claim that the protests were about some bad U.S. movie.

This is about the Blind Sheik. It has always been about him.

A later memo goes on to identify the perpetrators of the Libyan murders:

“concerned the funding of the MBM [Mokhtar Belmokhtar the guy that attacked the gas plant in Algeria -ed] operations and a possible link to the Ansar al Sharia attack on the United States Consulate in Benghazi.

Are you starting to get a sense that every one of these players are lying through their teeth? Why is Blumenthal sending Mrs. Clinton classified material? The guy is supposed to be a journalist. Let’s go to his wiki bio:

Christopher Hitchens, the British-American journalist and author, chose to submit an affidavit to the trial managers of the Republican Party in the trials of impeachment of Bill Clinton. In the affidavit, Hitchens swore that his then-friend Blumenthal had described Monica Lewinsky as a stalker. This allegation contradicted Blumenthal’s own sworn deposition in the trial,[11] and it resulted in a hostile exchange of opinion between the two. Following the publication of The Clinton Wars, Hitchens wrote several pieces in which he accused Blumenthal of manipulating the facts.


We are to believe that this ‘journalist’, who just happens to have access to classified material had his AOL account hacked by this Guccifer, then we are to believe only 4 word documents were stolen out of 5 months of e-mails. And then all of the documents stolen were Blumenthal’s, none were Hillary’s responses.

I smell a rat. What we have is Blumenthal saying things that he couldn’t possibly know in his capacity as a ‘journalist’ and no one questions how he came by this info- or even if it is true. Obviously a classic false-flag operation.

Hillary comes out smelling like a rose and she didn’t lift a finger to disseminate this. Sweet.

Kinda reminds me of Sandy Berger at the National Archives or the Rose Law Firm billing records in the closet of the White House.

Update: Forbes is issuing a warning with their piece:

The reader should be warned that these are first and partial accounts of hacked emails that  may be fabricated by someone with a hidden agenda.

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