Live Comedy Tuesday. Latest Edition of The Kidders: Enjoy!

Every Tuesday, also known as the day I need to start drinking early, I do live comedy in a Google Hangout with my two comedian friends, Dale Irvin and Tim Slagle.

The Kidders, 10-27-15

The Kidders, 10-27-15

In this episode:

  • Where Lincoln Chafee went after he dropped out of the presidential race
  • What Dale is wearing for Halloween
  • The special dish Tim is cooking for Halloween

Stories we discussed are below the video here. Please comment below! Thanks!

Links from the Show

Human leg stolen from tissue transport van –

Italian cleaners bin ‘rubbish’ modern art – The Local

Livingston man allegedly shot neighbor twice over dog urinating –, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather

Calls versus balls: Monkeys with smaller testicles roar the loudest to make up for their shortcomings when attracting females | Daily Mail Online


  1. Thanks, Tony. I hope we made you laugh.

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