Live from Afghanistan: Barack Obama To Continue Gloatfest Tonight

NOTE: I’ll be tweeting live during B. Hussein’s speech for Afghanistan. Please follow me to hear my take, and share yours.

As  even he he acknowledged during last Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Barack Obama has developed a reputation for blaming his failed presidency on all the terrible things that he inherited. Ironically, his one success, the one which he and his apparatchiks have been trumpeting for the last several days, is one that would not exist but for the anti-terrorism policies he actually did inherit from President George W. Bush, all of which he vehemently opposed. Barack Obama stated repeatedly that not only does he believe that water boarding is “torture,”[T]orture is how you get bad information, not good intelligence.” One person who would strenuously disagree with those statements is American hero, Jose Rodriguez, the retired Director of the National Clandestine Service for the CIA, who served with the Agency for 31 years, the man who directed the interrogations of some of the worst terrorists on the planet, including KSM. From Newsmax:

But Rodriguez criticizes many Democrats for not backing the tough tactics that he said eventually led to bin Laden.

“Pelosi said that we only briefly mentioned waterboarding and left the impression that it had not been used,” Rodriguez writes, insisting that the California Democrat was fully briefed — by Rodriguez himself — about waterboarding and its use. He says that Pelosi posed no objection to the technique. “I know she got it.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that she, like almost all Americans less than a year after, wanted us to be aggressive to make sure that al-Qaida wasn’t able to replicate their attack.” He writes that “Pelosi was another member of Congress reinventing the truth.”

Many members of Congress have “watched too many episodes of the old TV series Mission Impossible — the part they liked best was the opening, in which the operatives were told that if anything went wrong, their leaders would ‘disavow any knowledge of your actions,’” says Rodriguez. …

Rodriguez said his team had legal clearance for everything it did — from waterboarding, on down to top-level terrorists like Zubaydah and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

“We made some al-Qaida terrorists with American blood on their hands uncomfortable for a few days,” he tells “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl. “I am very secure in what we did and am very confident that what we did saved American lives.”

Pressed by [CBS’ Lesley] Stahl about charges that Zubaydah, who was waterboarded and sleep deprived, gave false information that wasted U.S. resources, Rodriguez replies, “Bull****!, He gave us a roadmap that allowed us to capture a bunch of al-Qaida senior leaders,” says the ex-spy.

It is preposterous and disgusting to watch this man shamelessly take credit for an important event in which he was only peripherally involved, which was accomplished by doing things that he and his left-wing buddies, including Joe “Always Wrong, Never in Doubt” Biden relentlessly ripped for years.

Recently a frequent Facebook poster stated “So Bush “kept us safe.” But Obama doesn’t get “credit” for Bin Laden. Interesting analysis.” It really didn’t require a lot of analysis to appreciate that giving the One credit for the victories in the continuing war against radical Islam is like giving Michael Dell credit for the success of Apple. At least Mr. Dell doesn’t try to take credit for that success.

Now, Barack Obama is in Afghanistan once again using our troopa as props for his campaign, celebrating the killing Osama bin Laden. Apparently this never-ending endzone dance is not a provocation, or as Obama and friends like to say a “recruitment tool” for the enemy.

Of course, like nearly everything else this bunch does, this gloatfest was so predictable. You were warned, but I’m sure that it doesn’t make it easier to keep from nearly throwing up as you watch this cringe-inducing display of unabashed display of cynical political expediency on parade.

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