Local News: Very Little Information, LOTS of Unintentional Comedy

As you know, I watch so you don’t have to, so I know that if you’re looking for actual substance, you’re not going to find it on last century television network newscasts. Their local affiliates are even less worthy of your precious time, unless that is you’re looking for a few good laughs. Where else are you going to see a woman talk about the fact that the “vacuum cleaner man” has “seen my tits?” So, to help you celebrate New Year’s, I present this 2012 local news blooper real. Enjoy!


  1. Any one of them could do David Gregory’s job.

    • You’re absolutely right. Of course, that’s sort of like being the tallest building in Wichita, no? Maybe if Howdy Doody has to spend some time in the Steel Hotel for violating the DC gun laws, one of these doofuses can fill in for him. More likely though, the idiot management at NBC would choose lucky sperm club member Luke Russert, who is almost as pathetic on the air as Chelsea Clinton.

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