WATCH: Local Phoenix Reporter Who Broke Story: FBI Said No Photos, No Cellphones

Christopher Sign, the Phoenix reporter who broke the story of AG Loretta Lynch’s secret and highly inappropriate meeting with Bill Clinton makes it clear that this confab was NO coincidence.

So Bill Clinton waited for the Attorney General’s plane to land and then brazenly boarded it? Clearly, Bill Clinton had an agenda, and even if we accept that it was just a friendly, social chat, that’s bad in itself, as in “Loretta, we’re friends. I’m the one who appointed you as a big shot federal prosecutor U.S. Attorney. Friends help friends, right?” He didn’t have to SAY anything, did he?

An aside: Isn’t it pretty ridiculous that any of us are shocked that Bill Clinton would have a problem figuring out what is or is not appropriate?

Interesting that the FBI said “no photos.” What’s up with that? I thought the FBI was supposed to be above all this politicized BS. Now they are being weaponized too? Or did they make a big deal of saying that to the press because AG Lynch wanted the news of this meeting out? AG Lynch, I’ve got news for you, Lady. Your reputation as beyond reproach is OVER.

This a.m. Loretta Lynch did a dog and pony show with the WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart at the Aspen Institute in which she said that she will “accept” the recommendations of the career prosecutors, but made it very very clear that she is not recusing herself. These career prosecutors work for A.G. Lynch, and they understand that they may be working for Hillary in a few months. This whole thing still stinks to high heaven.

As I tweeted earlier, the New York Times reported back in April that Loretta Lynch is going to do exactly what she told Capehart that she is going to do, so what is the point of this whole Kabuki routine?

One last thing: is it just me, or is it beyond OBVIOUS that this meeting was NO coincidence.

Serfs, as you go to the mall, binge watch “Real Housewives,” and go out to dinner, your country is being destroyed right before your eyes. How does it feel?


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