Looney Left on Campus Update: DePaul Professor Resigns, Protesting Free Speech

No, she didn’t resign because there is no free speech on the DePaul campus. She resigns because she thinks there is.

Scroll down to see “Black Lives Matter” morons hijack an event and prohibit Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking.

Free Speech

Looney Left on Campus


From The Daily Caller:

A sociology professor at DePaul University announced her resignation in a public Facebook post in which she denounced the idea that universities should be “neutral platforms for ‘equal’ exchanges of ideas” and said that “so-called free speech” is “delusional.”

Dr. Shu-Ju Cheng, who goes by the first name Ada, posted a copy of an email she apparently sent to university president Rev. Holtschneider to a Facebook page affiliated with the DePaul University sociology department.

“To believe that universities are simply neutral platforms for ‘equal’ exchanges of ideas, the so-called free speech rooted in the market ideology, is delusional,” she wrote. According to Cheng, “that positional objectivity ends up reinforcing the exact inequalities and dominant ideologies upon which this institution is built.”

What an erudite explanation! What a loss to higher education the resignation of this “woman of color” wackjob is! What a surprise that she is an expert in the intellectually rigorous discipline, sociology!

This resignation arises from the recent appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos at the school, which protestors were allowed to hijack. Sounds like they have lots of free speech there, doesn’t it? Watch an example of that at this fine institution:

Check out the woman in this video. She looks like a dancing retard!

From The College Fix:

DePaul University ordered its College Republicans (CRs) chapter to spend several hundred dollars extra on beefed-up security for its event with anti-feminist firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos Tuesday night.

The security presence proved to be purely ornamental.

After protesters were warned that they would be removed if they interrupted the event, both DePaul security and Chicago police officers went limp in the face of Black Lives Matter activists who took over the stage.

It goes without saying that this episode is disgraceful and should embarrass anyone associated with DePaul University or the ridiculous, fraudulent “Black Lives Matter” mob. I saw something on some social network recently in which the poster said “I hate ‘Blue Lives Matter’ events because they are appropriating the Black Lives Matter idea,” or words to that effect. What this poster should be saying is “Cool. Someone took the idiotic, dishonorable “Black Lives Matter” slogan and turned it into something useful.”

I know. Like that would ever happen. Since the whole “Black Lives Matter” thing is not about black lives, but about hating cops and believing that even black cops are enforcers of “institutional racism,” they can’t exactly say that, can they? Yeah, BLM morons, get back to us when you are ready to address the number of black babies who are aborted and the number of blacks who murder other blacks. Until then, put a sock in it, please. You are making fools of yourselves.

The pathetic, gutless president of DePaul University, Dennis Holtschneider, who after this disgraceful episode issued a mealy-mouthed statement blaming “both sides” should join the goofy professor and resign. That’s right, Dr. Judy Collins, I mean you.

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