How Low Can He Go? Obama Boosting Murderous Castro Regime

Hours before Obama arrives with his family on a spring trip to the socialist paradise, the Castro Regime launched a crackdown against dissidents, including the Ladies in White, who protest every Sunday.


From The Daily Mail:

Women demanding free speech and democracy in Cuba were dragged kicking and screaming from a protest march ahead of President Obama’s arrival in Havana on Sunday.

More than 50 anti-government protesters were arrested at the Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White) demonstration as the Castro regime cracked down on dissidents ahead of the president’s visit.

The protest group holds a weekly rally outside a cathedral in an upmarket neighborhood of the Cuban capital, with hundreds of women and their male supporters calling for an end to political imprisonment in the communist state.

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Watch the fools on CNN’s New Day celebrate. No mention of the $7 billion that Castro stole when he took over in 1959, or the cop killer being harbored in Cuba. But Chris Cuomo did want to talk about the shirt that the brutal murderer Castro gave his father. So touching!

Watch the idiots on CNN celebrate Obama’s “historic” Marxist pilgrimage, and hear Chris Cuomo explain how a communism will “lift everyone up.”

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As we discussed on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, since the Obama Regime cozied up to the Castro brothers starting in December 2014, political repression on the slave island has increased


  1. Mike, you are spot on. One cannot evaluate historical events without knowing history and what was going on at the time. Nixon’s move was very strategic and in our interest at the time. When it comes to foreign policy, there are no permanent enemies or allies, only permanent interested.

  2. I know what I said the guy who I eventually married: my philosophy is “get that ice, or else no dice.” 🙂

  3. My smart friend, That statement belongs on a t-shirt! I may use it, with attribution, of course.

  4. Strong argument, Piotr. Typical liberal response to an intelligent and informed response to your inane comment.

  5. Well said, Don.

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