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Wow. The Stoopid™ is strong in this one:

H/T Aggie_Sith

I broke my clue-bat. Anyone want to take a whack at it?


  1. I concur this is a parody. I went searching for the source and it all goes back to one website. But it’s a good parody as it leaves the reader wondering- just like comedy, there needs to be a measure of truth. What gives it away for me, not that “the Constitution was written 100 years ago” or the cesarean section (Named for Julius Caesar, btw), or any of the republican stereotypes this points to, but rather the very end: “Please withhold my name because I don’t want to get crank calls.”

    A letter to the editor requires a number so they can call for “due diligence” purposes. They would know if there really is a writer for this. I can’t find that paper.

    Nevertheless, it is usual procedure to withhold a name- but they don’t usually give a reason. Usually they say “Name withheld”, and leave it at that.

    Yeah, its gotta be a fake, but it sure makes you wonder, tho.

  2. BTW, Kudos to Rebel M for posting a scan of a dead tree letter. How often do you see THAT?

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