LSM Gleefully Reports Trump in al-Shabab Recruiting Video, Ignores SO IS HILLARY

“Should Donald Trump watch what he says so he can stay out of recruiting videos?” Gee, I don’t know Martha. Should Hillary? Should BlackLivesMatter morons?

I just watched Martha “Forgive Me I’m About to Burst Into Tears” Radditz, filling in for George Stephanapolous, interrogate Dr. Ben Carson about al-Shabab video showing Donald Trump and his comments on a moratorium on Muslim immigration to the United States. She neglected to mention the following:


I’m sure it was just an oversight. (H/T Right Scoop.) Read more…

I can’t leave this subject without mentioning that Dr.Carson also took the opportunity to school the East Coast Brain Rot Afllicted Ms. Radditz, saying:

Political correctness will destroy us if we don’t wake up. And we need to expose things like the things that came out during the Holy Land Foundation trial where they said that the foolishness of Americans and their political correctness will help us be able to accomplish civilization jihad.

One more thing. Over at Meet the Press on NBC, even Chris Matthews noticed that this al-Shabab video using Donald Trump to recruit magically appeared AFTER Hillary told the lie about Trump being “#1 recruiter for ISIS.” Did she give them the idea?


  1. If Hillary’s lips are moving…..
    She is not physic, sick maybe, but may have given ISIS the idea. However, it is not the Donald that drives ISIS. It is the POtuS who allows them to grow unabated and funds them. Even helped them escape from Ramadi. Treason is what both BHP and HRC are good at. They even missed the 3:00 call on Benghazi. Probably boozing it up somewhere. Notice its crickets on where either one was that night.
    DOJ will never prosecute the (b)witch for anything.

  2. This is a textbook example of the old adage “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get your wish”. I’m not sure why Hillary thinks that the head-chopping child murderers hate her any less than they hate Trump. Collectively, they all hate of us infidels equally.

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