Lynch-Clinton Secret Meeting Violates DOJ Ethics Handbook

Note: This post is an update to this one from yesterday.

Attorney General Lynch, your idiotic comments about fighting terrorism with “love” aren’t the worse thing you’ve done. You should resign.


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If there’s one thing I’m used to, it’s the fact that the pretend news, which includes the traditional last-century networks and terrestrial radio, and cable television, including your favorite network, does not cover much actual news, preferring to focus on weather, celebrities, and wacky viral “caught on tape” videos. Meanwhile, Obama and his merry band of Marxists have been busily destroying the country under the radar.

Yesterday we reported on this supposedly chance meeting between former president/prevaricator-in-chief Bill Clinton and current Attorney General Loretta “Eric Holder in a skirt” Lynch. The implications are stunning. The husband of a target of not one, but two FBI investigations, meets with the person who will make the decision about whether or not she is indicted. Reaction from the media? Crickets. even though we know (1) if anyone other than Hillary Clinton had done what she did with classified information, that person would not be planning her coronation. He or she would be negotiating a plea deal (2) there isn’t a chance in hell that Ms. Lynch would have held a private meeting with the spouse of a target of a federal investigation when she was a federal prosecutor and (3) Bill Clinton could be called as a witness, since the server was on his property.


It’s a clear conflict of interest, and creates an EXTREME appearance of impropriety. Even former Obama sleazemeister/red diaper baby David Axelrod, who isn’t above mucking around in sealed divorce records, can see that.

I found the Department of Justice Ethics handbook and it turns out I’m not crazy. This sort of conduct is against the rules. The handbook cites 14 Principles of Ethical Conduct.

  1. Employees shall endeavor to avoid any actions creating the appearance that they are violating the law or the ethical standards set forth in this part.  Whether particular circumstances create an appearance that the law or these standards have been violated shall be determined from the perspective of a reasonable person with knowledge of the relevant facts

5 C.F.R 2635.101 (b)

As “a reasonable person with knowledge of the relevant facts” do you agree that this meeting violates the ethical rules? Should Attorney General Lynch recuse herself, or just resign?

Clearly the fix is in. Thought experiment: What do the Clintons have on Obama?


  1. ABSOLUTELY! and both he and Lynch have to know it! It’s ridiculous!

  2. Amazing, isn’t it? The Obama Dept of (In)Justice actually does have an ethics handbook. It’s sort of like Bill Clinton carrying that giant Bible to church right after he had a rendezvous with Monica Lewinsky.

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