Clueless MN Lynx Basketball Players Promote BLM Hoax, Cops Walk Out

These women should stick to trying to dunk, like the boy basketball players, and quit indulging silly, albeit warm and cozy, victimhood fantasies.


Things I’m sick of: clueless millennials, and ignorant useful idiots believing corrupt media BS!

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Four off-duty Minneapolis police officers working the Minnesota Lynx game at Target Center on Saturday night walked off the job after the players held a news conference denouncing racial profiling, then wore Black Lives Matter pregame warm-up jerseys.

Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis Police Federation, the union that represents rank-and-file officers, praised them for quitting. “I commend them for it,” he said.

I couldn’t agree more. Good on you, Officers. Hey, cop haters, next time you need help, call a hippie, or one of these moron protestors.

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I am so sick and disgusted that so many low-information, emotionally-driven people, fueled not only by our corrupt, biased media, but also the Race-Baiter-in-Chief, Barack Obama, continue to buy into the #BlackLivesMatter hoax, which is a total fraud, based on a complete lie. (More about that here.)

My reaction when I heard this one, a soundbite often heard on The Teri O’Brien Show:


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