Malaysia Flight 17 Disaster: Everything you need to know to understand Putin and Obama The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday, 7-20-14


Today’s Focus: Obama’s 5 Debacles. What do they all have in common?Connecting the Dots

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What has been the biggest debacle (so far) on Obama’s watch? What do they all have in common?

Malaysia Flight 17 Disaster: Everything you need to know to understand Putin and Obama

Samantha Power Says What Obama Can’t. Why Can’t He?

Lurch tries to make a lame, and inadvertently hilarious, attempt to defend Obama foreign policy debacle

It’s Official: Obama Regime Played Politics While Border Crisis Exploded

Another Regime Mouthpiece, this time from Eric Holder’s DOJ, cites 1984 Reagan official’ letter as excuse for not prosecuting Lois Lerner. Stop the presses. He’s trying to mislead you. We won’t let him.

You know about Lois Lerner’s recycled hard drive. What about her pal, another Obama apparatchik working at a federal agency where Lerner herself used to work, who resigned after admitting she violated the Hatch Act? (The Hatch Act prohibits Executive Branch employees from engaging in partisan political activity while on official duty at a federal workplace.) The agency’s Inspector General wanted to prosecute her. Why couldn’t he? What is being done about it now?

Be ahead of the curve! Tune in today for the rest of the story.

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