“Man-ginas, and Other Bizarre Modern Phenomena,” Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 1-12-14


talk radio, The Teri O'Brien Show

Thanks so much to our special guest, Bernard Chapin of the very informative and entertaining Chapin’s Inferno, author and school psychologist. How hilarious to hear him talk about “manginas” and similar ridiculous ideas that could only exist after bitter, angry feminists have taken over academia, pop culture and the media?

Earth Day leader killed, composted girlfriend – Technology & science – Science – LiveScience | NBC News (mentioned because the Lame Stream Media keeps talking about how Gov. Chris Christie’s claim that he didn’t know about his staff’s exacting political retribution doesn’t pass the smell test. Smell test? The reeking stench from Eric Holder’s office alone is worse than what was probably coming out of Ira Einhorn’s apartment.)

Amazon.com: Bernard Chapin: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

The Weekend Interview With Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues – WSJ.com

Women Combat Soldiers = Cannon Fodder (From teriobrien.com regular contributor J.D. Longstreet, about the Marines changing their physical fitness standards to accommodate  the lesser physical capabilities of women)

Who is Kenneth Bae, and why is he in a North Korean prison? – CNN.com 


Dennis Rodman yells at CNN’s Chris Cuomo – Lucy McCalmont – POLITICO.com

VVN Music: Pete Seeger to Receive the First Woody Guthrie Prize

Sean Penn and A Cooper

You can’t make it up: Charlize Theron Convinces New Boyfriend Sean Penn to Get Rid of His Guns, Anderson Cooper Buys Sculpture of Weapons for $1.4 Million | E! Online 


WORLD EXCLUSIVE: OBAMA MARRIAGE EXPLODES!!! – The National Enquirer (Her Royal Wideness is not amused)

Kinnock’s son, gay rumours and a flirty blonde PM | Mail Online (you be the judge. How good is your gaydar?)


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